October 12, 2020 4 min read

Disc Golf Caddy And More DIY Conduit Projects

Welcome back to another episode of Maker Pipe Monday! In this series we showcase customer builds posted to our free DIY community. This weeks episode features a DIY greenhouse, disc golf caddy, rabbit enclosure, rowing shell cart, sukkah, and a mini cooper roof rack. Lets get into this weeks DIY pipe builds!


Dave Introducing This Weeks Builds

DIY Greenhouse

DIY Shed Style Greenhouse


First build up this week is Ben's shed style greenhouse. We have seen some really great greenhouse roof builds, but this entire greenhouse is made from Maker Pipe and EMT conduit. Shed style means the roof is just one roof pitch forming a slant from the outside wall to the inside wall. He achieved this with the T connector.Since the T can attach to pipes at any angle they work great for applications like this. It also means you don't have to have the angles planned out precisely which is really helpful when building.

The next cool thing he did was this wood frame door. We get asked alot about doors and mounting them, and I think Ben's greenhouse is one of the best examples for doing a wood framed door that we have seen. He framed the door with conduit then added wood secured by two hole straps in various places. He said he is waiting on plastic and some other materials to finish off the build. We can't wait to see more from Ben and his greenhouse! Thanks for sharing!


DIY Disc Golf Caddy

DIY Disc Golf Caddy


Next up is Rustin's disc golf cart that he uses to haul his discs and anything else he needs while out on the course. He packed a ton of cool features into this cart and made it custom to his needs. First thing that jumps out are the big wheels that let's him take the cart on the sometimes rough course terrain easily. Then he added some wire shelves to the bottom for more storage space.

The top features a lid/bench that folds down over the disc storage. He modified the T connector to rest on the conduit which secures the lid in place. He used 90 degree connectors and 180 degree connectors for the main assembly of the structure. To finish off the build he used end caps to cover the exposed conduit ends and repurposed the top of a scooter to add an adjustable handle to the caddy. It looks awesome and gets the job done. Thanks for sharing Rustin!


DIY Rabbit Enclosure

DIY Rabbit Enclosure With 3 Cages Suspended


Next up is Dustin's New Zealand rabbit enclosure. He build the main structure with Maker Pipe fittings and EMT conduit. This frame holds 3 cages total that are 24" by 24" by 36" with a feeding tray and water bottle outfitted in each one. He made the structure simple using T connectors as an elbow on the corners with vertical pipes and bracing supports along the way. He said it is really easy to keep clean and he plans on adding catch trays for composting materials. Thanks for sharing Dustin!


DIY Rowing Shell Cart

DIY Rowing Shell Transportation


Kristen purchased a kayak cart for the stern of the rowing shell and needed a way to carry the rest of the shell and oars etc. She made this custom rolling transport. To do this she creating this frame that incorporates bends to keep the shell from getting nicked during transport. She also added plumbers pipe insulation to add more cushioned protection for the shell.


DIY Rolling Storage Cart


The shell is supported by a hanging bungee system that acts as a sling. The next obstacle was adding wheels big enough to handle the half mile trek. To accomplish this she used a caster set bigger than the one we offer and used our caster inserts to attach them. The whole cart is connected with 180 degree and T connectors. It looks fantastic and it gets the shell to the lake safely and easily. Thanks for sharing Kristen!


DIY Sukkah


DIY Sukkah With Walls And  A Floor



Asaf built this great DIY sukkah which is an outdoor dining area used during a Jewish holiday. He built a simple frame with conduit and 90 degree connectors. After he had the basic cube structure he added a door frame using T connectors.He added a thatched wood roof and secured a plastic tarp to the outside of the frame for walls. He has some plans next year to add some windows to the build. It looks great and he said it held up to the wind and rain which makes us happy to hear. Thanks for sharing Asaf!


DIY Mini Cooper Roof Rack

Ghostbuster Themed Mini Cooper


Last but not least is this awesome ghostbusters themed mini cooper! Norman shared these progress pics of the build. He is building an ambulance stretcher with retractable scissor legs. This required some welding, but he is using Maker Pipe structural fittings where he can. It is outfitted with a roof rack and ladder system which looks really cool on the extended body. Thanks for sharing Norman, we can't wait to see more updates as the project continues!


That's all the builds we have for this week. We hope you enjoyed hearing about them as much as we did. Be sure to head over to the community to see more great builds and interact with the makers behind them. If you want to see the video version of this episode it will be in the window below. Thanks everybody and we will see you in the next one!