Conduit End Plug / Cap

These pipe end caps are a great way to finish off any build. They fit directly into the ends of exposed EMT conduit acting as a plug. Another great use is for furniture legs to keep from damaging floors. Simply tap lightly with a hammer until the cap is flush with the edge of the pipe. We have them available for 1/2", 3/4", and 1" EMT so you can finish off your project no matter what size conduit you're working with!

*One order contains 10 caps.


End Cap Overview


  • Easy to insert into EMT conduit
  • Covers exposed conduit ends
  • Protects from exposed burrs on cut pipes

Make an end cap hinge

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Matt R. (MO)
Great Experience

Great selection and price. Order arrived fast and complete.

dennis p. (NH)
Just what I was looking for

I do a lot of work with conduit and was looking for caps and some hardware for project. Quick Ship, good packaging.

J W. (MI)
Finally found them

Pipe maker has everything you need for a home project

Jaron (VA)
Perfect fit for 3/4 EMT conduit

Really glad I chose these over everything a saw in Amazon. All I needed was to make raw ends of conduit cuts safer, but now that I know all the other connectors exist, the potential for fabricating more things out of conduit will come in handy and I'll certainly be ordering here again.