October 15, 2020 2 min read

DIY Projector Screen Frames

DIY Projector Screen


The whole family loading up in the car and heading to the local drive-in are some of my favorite childhood memories. Now you can create that same experience in your own backyard without breaking the bank. There are a wide variety of projectors on the market which means you have plenty to choose from based on your budget and needs. When creating this backyard experience you will need a projector screen and a frame to support it and most likely these will need to be custom based on your space. Let's look at a few diy projector screens built by our customers and see how you can build one to fit your needs.

Basic Projector Screen Frame

Everyone's screen location will be different. Some people want a permanent solution that is mounted on a wall or fence. Others will want the stand to have legs so it can be moved or taken apart easily. Either way the screen frame itself will generally be the same. I recommend choosing your screen first based on your desired dimensions etc. Once you have those dimensions you can build the frame easily. Both this website and Amazon have a wide selection of screens has a wide selection of screens with some being extremely cheap. 

DIY Projector Screen Frame

This basic frame only needs 6 T connectorsand 3/4" EMT conduit. Cut a top and bottom horizontal pipe based on your screen width then run three vertical pipes, two on the outside, and one support in the middle. Depending on your dimensions this basic frame could be under $50. If you have a large screen I would recommend adding more support pipes, but this frame will be adequate for most. 


DIY Screen Frames With Legs

DIY projector screen frame mounted to a stand


The most common way to mount a projector screen is on a frame with legs built in. This allows you to move it freely or take it down for storage. With your basic frame assembled you can add a stand/legs easily. Start with an upside down T shape. If your screen is smaller then this will suffice. Larger projector screen frames should have 45 degree bracing like this screen stand.


DIY Projector Screen Stand


Hanging Projector Screen

DIY Hanging Projector Screen


There are a few options when hanging a projector screen. This builder used a different frame than the basic frame we explained above, but the hanging technique will work either way. You can use one hole straps or two hole straps in different places until it is secured. He used a good technique for mounting the frame by extending the pipes above the screen so it sits at the perfect height.




Adjustable Projector Screen Frame

These are just a few examples of customer built projector screen frames. They all used different techniques which is what makes DIY projects so cool. You can customize your frame to fit your space and needs exactly! Feel free to reach out to us if you need any help designing your projector set up. We would love to help! Thanks for reading and happy building!