October 01, 2020 4 min read

September Build of the Month Entry Roundup

Every month we run a Build of the Month contest where makers from our free DIY community share their projects for a chance to win a Maker Pipe prize pack! We have some great entries for September including a custom kayak truck rack, micro greens hydroponics system, toy hauler deck canopy, generator frame, fire pit wind barrier, red wagon restoration, Halloween light display, and a greenhouse roof! To vote on the builds visit this link (voting ends October 8, 2020).


DIY Kayak Truck Rack

Custom Kayak Rack for a Truck Bed


Todd usually throws his kayaks in the truck bed and heads to his campsite for the weekend. This didn't leave much room for his other camping gear in the bed so he decided to build this custom bed rack that sits down in his Tacoma truck bed.

This allows him to stow the kayaks above the camping gear he needs. He made the rack removable so he could store the kayaks when he isn't hauling them around. The rack is secured to the bed with straps and the kayaks are secured with bungee cords. The structure consists of T connectors and 45 degree connectors  for bracing. You can see his full post here.


Microgreens Hydroponic System

Microgreens Hydroponic System


Here is Bill's hydroponic micro green system. Indoor growers love using Maker Pipe for their DIY hydroponic builds and this is a good example of one! Bill made this one custom to accommodate 49 10x20 trays in 16 channels.

For the build he built the 50x80 structure using 90 degree connectors to make the 4 levels then he rested the trays on the connecting pipes. He braced the frame with 45's and added lights above the trays that are secured to the connecting pipes. He finished off the build with red shrink wrap for a clean look and casters on the bottom to allow the whole system to be mobile. See the full post here.


Toy Hauler Deck Canopy

Custom Toyhauler Deck Canopy


The next entry is Jonathan's custom toyhauler deck canopy/awning. Every deck will have different dimensions so Jonathan built this awning custom to fit his. He used some really cool techniques on this build.


Tent Pole Snap Clips


He used 90 degree connectors for the corners and created the main structure. In the ends of the 90 he added a pipe with a larger diameter so he could use these tent pole snap clips. I have never seen this done before so I am glad he shared this trick. This allows the connecting pipes to be disconnected quickly for a faster assembly. See the full post here.


Generator Frame

DIY Generator Frame

Here is Roger's Honda generator support cage. He built this to make it easier to move around and store. He was trying to avoid welding and that's when he discovered Maker Pipe.

He incorporated some nice bends in the conduit for the handles and used T connectors to support the bottom of the cage.  He used some off the shelf conduit fittings to attack the bends. Looks great and gets the job done. See the full post here.


Firepit & Wind Barrier

DIY Fire Pit Wind Barrier

Christopher built this backyard paradise complete with a firepit and sitting area! He built a wind barrier around the perimeter using conduit, Maker Pipe, and lattice.

He set the conduit into stones for strength and rigidity then added vertical poles along the outside. He painted the conduit pipes black for a nice contrast with the stained lattice. He used 44 Maker Pipe connectors in total for the build. He finished it off with lanterns for a beautiful place to relax in the evenings. See the full post here.


Red Wagon Restoration

DIY Wagon Restoration


This build has a cool story to go along with it. Raymond's son is getting married soon and his 7 month old grandson will be the ring bearer in the ceremony. His older brother will pull him down the aisle in this fantastic wagon restoration!

He sandblasted and painted the wagon itself for a nice finish. He then replaced the old worn out wooden railing with conduit and Maker Pipe connectors. He used these conduit hangers to mount the vertical pipes to the outside of the wagon. He painted the pipes and hangers to match the connectors and it turned out great! See the full post here.


Halloween Light Display

Halloween Light Display Frame


Peter entered his really cool Halloween light display! You have probably seen the awesome synchronized light shows that people do this time of year, and Peter decided to use Maker Pipe and Conduit in his.

He used a mixture of 1/2" pvc and 1/2" emt conduit to build the frame that supports the lights and decorations.The roof structure connects to the vertical poles inserted into the ground. It looks fantastic and I hope to see the light show in action. See the full post here.


Greenhouse Roof

DIY Greenhouse Roof


Last but not least is Emory's greenhouse roof. He had a ribbed PVC roof that failed so he needed to replace or upgrade it. He lives in South Texas which brings some harsh weather so the roof needs to be strong.

He added support pipes from the wooden greenhouse then added the roof frame with various connectors including 180's and 4 way connectors. He wrapped the conduit in felt to keep the temperature of the pipes down. He finished off the roof with clear plastic greenhouse materials. See the full post here.



Thank you for all the entries this month! To vote for your favorite build follow this link (voting ends in 7 days). If you missed out on September's contest don't worry we run this every month. Just post your project in the community with the topic #MakerPipeBOTM tagged on your post.

The winning build gets a tshirt, tool belt, community badge, and a $50 Maker Pipe Gift Certificate that includes free shipping to the United States! Thanks and good luck to this months builds!

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