Over the years, we have received many questions from customers & DIYers regarding our products and project builds.  Click on a question below to view the answer.  If you have not found the answer you are looking for please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

Common Questions

.92 inches/23.5 mm

Yes, if the outside diameter of the pipe is .92 inches/23.5 mm.  PVC will not work with Maker Pipe.

We put friction bands on all our connectors to help keep your connections in place.  You will find a supply of extra bands shipped with your order. These can be used as replacement bands on your connectors as they ware or you can use them on the conduit to create a stronger connection for the butt end of the connector that do not have bands.  Just slide on to the conduit and heat with a standard heat gun. If you are planning on using shrink wrap on your entire build make sure to take the bands off your connectors. The connectors will not close correctly with double shrink wrap layers.

Standard hand held pipe cutter that can be found at any hardware store.  When cutting the pipe it is helpful to put the pipe in a vise or use a clap to keep it stable when cutting.

Yes, the coating we use on the connectors is made to last.  If they get scratched from repeated use and the steel is exposed there is the risk of rusting.  It’s best to start with a fresh set on your outdoor project.

E-coat – It is a process where a metal part is immersed in a water based solution containing a paint emulsion.  An electric voltage is applied to the part causing the paint emulsion to condense onto the part. This process is used a lot in automotive coating as well.

Standard heat gun/hair dryer is not powerful enough.


12 guage steel

We hope to have other designs and sizes in the near future.  At this time we only offer ¾ inch.

We have had some weight testing on our most popular T Connector.  It could withstand 1000 lbs. of vertical force before slipping. We encourage customers to reinforce your builds as you go.  We are happy to offer suggestions. The longer the pipe the more reinforcing it needs.

Yes!  We can do just about any color so let us know what you had in mind.  A sample splotch is helpful. There are required minimums for custom colors depending on what connector designs are needed.  Please reach out to us to discuss the options for your project.

Not yet.  You can purchase Maker Pipe through our online shop or at tradeshows we exhibit at.

Yes, we are happy to help!  Send us a sketch or idea of what you are looking to build and we are glad to offer assistance is what to buy and help with a rendering if needed.

Proudly made by us in South Carolina USA

The bolt torque rating is 12ft/lbs.  Keep in mind once the connector is fully tightened there will still be a gap along the pipe.  This is by design. The connector pieces are not intended to touch.

The best way to attach wood to your build is to use ¾ inch one hole strap fasteners aka c clamps.  Depending on the size wood you are using pick your screw length accordingly.

The best way we have found to attach your build to the wall is to use a ¾ inch pipe flange.  Just twist the conduit into the flange and use a hammer to flare it out and prevent it from slipping out.  A few screws into the wall and you are all set.

End caps that you can found in our online shop, ¾ inch pipe flange, and 7/8 rubber feet that can be found at your local hardware store.

There will be a small gap between the connector pieces along the pipe.  This is by design. The connectors pieces are not intended to touch.

When you start to measure you need to take into account the design of the inside of the connector.  The 2 best ways to measure your pipe is from the outside of the pipe or the center of the pipe. Take your intended length and subtract 2 x 2 inches for outside of the pipe measurement or 1.375 x 2 inches for center of the pipe measurements.  This will give you the correct length to cut.

We put the inserts on the casters for you.  Just get a rubber mallet and hammer the wheel and the insert will go right in for a tight fit.  If you have used shrink wrap on the pipe do not tuck the wrap into the end of the conduit you wish to add a caster.  The insert will not fit into the opening.

The best way to bend the pipe is to pick up a standard pipe bender at the hardware store.  They will run you about $45 for the hand and foot leverage version.

We do our best to ship same/next business day.  Most domestic orders take 2-3 business days to arrive on your doorstep.

All U.S. orders are shipped USPS.  International orders in most cases are shipped USPS Flat Rate.