December 20, 2019 3 min read

DIY Christmas Crafts: EMT Conduit Christmas Décor

We love holiday crafts. Making Christmas décor is a wonderful way for our family to bond over the festive season. In fact, we love crafting so much that in addition to making our own DIY Christmas tree, we also decided to make DIY Christmas decorations for the rest of the house. If you love craft projects as much as we do, here are our favorite EMT conduit Christmas crafts to make this year.

Wall-Mounted Reindeer

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Add some modern industrial chic to your Christmas décor this year with a sculptural reindeer made out of EMT conduit pipe and structural pipe fittings to hang above your fireplace. This cute little guy could also work in your mudroom as additional festive storage for scarves, gloves, and hats. It would also look eye-catching as a unique wreath for your front door decorated with a few fir branches or sprigs of holly.

Our industrial reindeer is an easy build and you can either paint it gold with acrylic spray paint as we did or cover it with festive shrinkwrap if you don’t want to leave the pipe exposed. To make your wall-mounted reindeer you will need a selection of 45-degree and 90-degree structural pipe connectors, T-connectors, and lengths of EMT conduit cut to suit the size reindeer you want. If you choose to paint it, be sure to sand the conduit and 
structural pipe connectors first and apply a primer to ensure that the paint sticks properly.

Industrial Pipe Wreath

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A stunning modern alternative to a traditional Christmas wreath is one made from EMT conduit and structural pipe fittingsOur square pipe wreath took only 15 minutes to build, and we chose to keep our EMT conduit bare for a more industrial look.

To make the frame, simply connect four equal lengths of EMT conduit using 90-degree connectors to form a square and secure them using the hardware provided. Use a hot glue gun to add some festive winter foliage and holly to one corner of the wreath and attach an oversized bow to the top of the frame.

Pipe Snowflake

pipe snowflake maker pipe

Pipe snowflakes look equally as impressive hung above your mantlepiece or on your front door. We even made a few wrapped in Christmas lights to hang on our tree in our front yard.

To make our EMT conduit snowflake, we used a 5-way connector with four 10-inch lengths of conduit attached and another 20-inch length running through the center. To each length, we added T-connectors at even intervals to which we connected 5-inch lengths of conduit. Finally, to each 5-inch length, we added two more T-connectors and 2-inch lengths of conduit.

You can leave your snowflakes bare or cover them in white shrinkwrap or white spray paint before assembling the structure.

EMT Conduit Christmas Tree

emt conduit christmas tree maker pipe

If you don’t have trees to decorate in your yard, or you want an alternative Christmas tree this year, why not try this easy and fun build for the whole family made from EMT conduit and structural pipe fittings? 

To make a frame with a 40-inch circumference you will need two 62-inch lengths of EMT conduit bent into semicircle shapes. You can ask them to do this at your local hardware store. Slide two T-connectors until they are positioned approximately 20-inches from either end. Then, use two 180-degree structural pipe fittings to connect the two halves of the circle. Attach 6 equal lengths of conduit to the circular base and tie them together at the top to form a conical shape. 

This Christmas tree frame can be installed indoors or outside, and you can hang it with DIY Christmas tree decorations for a unique addition to your Christmas home décor.

Christmas Light Gift Boxes

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Create an impressive light display to make your yard the talk of the neighborhood. You can customize our Christmas light gift box display with as many or as few gift boxes as you like. Try different sized boxes in lots of different colors to build an unforgettable display. Best of all, EMT conduit is entirely waterproof so you can keep your display for years to come.

We made our gift box frames using 12 equal pieces of conduit connected using 12 90-degree structural pipe fittings to form a cube. We then wrapped the frame with outdoor Christmas lights and covered the structure in festive weatherproof fabric leaving the bottom of the frame uncovered. We also used a thinner contrasting color of fabric to create a ribbon around the box to complete the look. 

The Wrap Up

Creating DIY Christmas decorations and Christmas ornament crafts is a great way to spend quality time with the family this holiday season. To find out more about how you can make DIY projects with EMT conduit and Maker Pipe structural pipe fittings call us on (843)-245-9747 or check out our website for more DIY inspiration.