August 23, 2019 5 min read

Summer celebrations are over, and Fall is on the horizon. You'll likely spend a bit of time indoors. Luckily, you're the handy type. Tinkering with things comes naturally to you. There's no better time to execute a few DIY structural pipe projects to beautify your home for the Fall. 

You're probably looking around for craft ideas you can turn into eye-catching structural pipe art projects.

Lucky you!

The purpose of this post is to share a few Fall decorating ideas that'll activate your creative juices. With these ideas or their variants, you'll beautify your home for the Fall easily and at an incredibly low cost.


It's Time to Make Useful, Amazing Items for the Fall Season


You're the quintessential artist at heart. The odds are you're more interested in the beauty rather than the usefulness of the creations you make.

But here's the thing.

You can make useful things that also add to the overall interior design of your home. 

Invigorating the interiors is great, but you can also do projects that instantly revitalize your home's curb appeal. There are as many things to make with a structural pipe as your imagination and creativity will allow!

Fall is just around the corner; it's time to awaken your genie and let your creative juices flow.


5 Simple Ideas for Fall Decorations You'll Love


1. Turn Pipes and Fittings into a Mobile Clothes Rack


mobile clothes rack modular pipe maker pipe



No one really craves a mobile clothes rack. But, that's because few people have given much thought to the idea.

Why do you think all the major stores carry mobile clothes racks?

It's because lots of people buy them.

People purchase them because they offer lots of practicality. 

What if you could quickly move every piece of clothing you own to any location around the house?

What would that mean to you?

It'd mean you'd use your spaces any way you like without much fuss.

You can buy this item, of course. But you want something unique and eye-catching. But it's unlikely any store carries precisely what you have in mind. 

So get to work and convert those fittings (check out our collection here) and pipe into a rack you'll love seeing every morning. You'll also want to include a shelf for your shoes and accessories!

2. Time to Build a Log Holder with Wheels


pipe log holder maker pipe


Image Source:The Cavendar Diary

Many homes have a fireplace, and that's great. Big problem: there's nowhere to store the firewood. If you have this problem, now is the best time to address it. Soon, winter will be here. And you're going to need lots of warmth. 

Fortunately, you can quickly and cheaply build a fully functional log holder using wood and EMT pipe. The structure will hold massive logs.

For that reason, it needs to have a pretty solid base. 

You'll need wood, casters, ¾" pipes, plywood, elbows, a power drill, floor flanges, tees, lag screws, and drywall screws. You will also needpipe fixtures to hold everything together.

You'll also need some wood stain to give the thing a dark finish like Jeff did here. The result is a sturdy log holder that fits in perfectly with your fireplace. You can easily roll the structure in whenever you need a few logs. 


3. Add a Shoe Rack to that Space Underneath Your Staircase


pipe shoe rack maker pipe


Image Source:Thingiverse

You should be getting more out of the area underneath your staircase than you are. Aside from parking your bike there, you can also incorporate a quirky shoe rack. 

You need flanges, pipes, pipe fittings, elbows, and sanded precut pine.Check out the kits here to get a combination of items you will need to complete this project.

You'll also need some spray paint, wood stain, screws, and household vinegar.

For some reason, flanges come galvanized, but you'd probably prefer a darker look in there.

Don't worry.

Instead, spray some paint on them. Apply no more than two coats. 

You will end up with a shoe rack everyone who visits you notices. It'll become a focal point. It's an addition that'll make your home seem beautiful and valuable to potential homebuyers in the future. So, get busy!

4. Use EMT Pipe and Wood to Build Shelves


pipe shelves maker pipe


You need ¾" floor flanges, ¾" x 8" nipples, ¾" caps, drywall screws, and a couple boards. If you're using boards bought from the store, request them to cut them to length. That'll save you time. You also require a pencil, level, screwdriver, measuring tape, some spray paint (black).

Kick off the project by removing grease from your plumbing parts; this includes your plumbing nipples, caps, and flanges. Stores apply a bit of grease on these parts so they won't rust. This must be one of the easiest structural pipe DIY projects you could ever execute. 

Here's what to do:

  1. Grab a flange, nipple, and cap and assemble them into a bracket.
  2. You'll get something that looks like this.
  3. Next, screw each bracket into the wall. Place the board on top of the bracket.
  4. Then, use the level to ensure it's in a perfectly horizontal position. At that point, screw the second bracket into place.

It's done!

Few structural pipe project ideas will give you more bang for your buck.Contact us here for information to get started.


5. A Rack to Store Your Wine


pipe wine rack maker pipe


The Holiday season is approaching fast and furiously. If you're fortunate enough to have a bunch of awesome friends, you're probably planning on having them around for a Christmas party. Perhaps all of you love top-quality wine.

Isn't it about time you built a wine rack?

With some boards, floor flanges, drywall screws, pipes, and elbows, you can get the job done. 

Your DIY wine rack is a pretty simple addition to your home that you can finish in an afternoon. The completed rack looks like a picture frame with pipes whose ends sink into the right and left side.

If you're more of a visual person, it will look like this.

The coming Christmas will probably be much better than any you've had before!

Final Thoughts 


The beauty of structural pipe art and DIY projects is that they are easy, affordable, and exciting to build.

You now have at least 5 easy craft ideas that you can turn into amazing structural pipe DIY projects. You're an artist at heart. Chances are you'll tweak these suggestions into unique decor ideas that'll let your creativity shine. All of them are easy to execute and won't break the bank. 

Now get to work. Create Fall decorations and decor that'll make your Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Christmas celebrations memorable for years to come!