November 22, 2019 3 min read

For our family, spending time together crafting and creating is our favorite way to enjoy the holiday season. Completing DIY projects together is a great way to bond as a family and teach children important STEM skills while being creative and having fun. 

Here are some of my favorite holidayDIY projects for kids. 

Pipe Christmas Tree


diy conduit emt pipe christmas tree maker pipe



Build a unique Christmas tree with the family this year with EMT conduit and structural pipe connectors. This is a fun alternative to a traditional tree and can be customized to fit your space. The EMT conduit branches offer plenty of room toshow off your favorite ornaments, and the tree dismantles easily when the holidays are over for easy cleanup. 

To build the tree, I measured a length ofEMT conduit for the central post, and 8-12 graduating lengths of conduit to create branches for each side of the tree. The larger the tree, the more branches it will need. I connected the branches using T-connectors and made a base using a 5-way connector and 4 small equal lengths of conduit for a simple and portable tree that can be used in any room of the house.   

Pipe Indoor Fort


diy structural pipe fitting indoor fort maker pipe



Take fort building to the next level this holiday season with anEMT conduit fort frame. Add some twinkling Christmas lights to the interior for added festive fun. 

I built this simple cube box frame with equal lengths of conduit and90-degreestructural pipe fittings.I added an optional roof frame with 4 lengths of conduit, 2 90-degree connectors, and a horizontal piece to stabilize them. I attached the roof to the top of the box frame using T-connectors. 

Once the frame was ready, I tossed some fun festive fabric over it and secured them in place with jumbo clips. 

Rotating NERF Target


maker pipe diy structural pipe connect nerf gun target



My kids have an armory full of NERF guns, and one of our favorite builds for NERF gun fun when it is too cold to go outside during the holiday season is a rotating NERF target. Build two stands fromEMT conduit and 90-degree connector, then add a T-connector to the top of each vertical post to hold a dowel rod. 

To make the targets, I cut colored circles from cardstock and attached them to either end of a craft stick. Then I cut a small length from a straw and taped it to the back of the craft stick. I stuck a penny onto the top of one end of the craft stick behind the circle cut out because this helps the target to hang and spin better. Then it is just a matter of threading the targets onto the dowel rod and hanging the rod between the two pipe stands. 

Indoor Ball Pit


diy indoor ball bit maker pipe



I don’t know a single child who wouldn’t love to make their own ball pit for the holidays. Luckily, it is a really simple build. 

I measured 8 30-inch lengths of conduit for the vertical corner posts and stabilizing posts, and 8 48-inch lengths of EMT conduit for the horizontal posts. To connect the posts I needed 8 90-degree connectors for the corners and 8 T-connectors for the stabilizers. Once I created the box design, I attached cargo netting to the sides and floor of the frame and filled it with plastic balls. 

Don’t forget to add pool noodles to the top of the frame to protect little heads, and I also built an optional ladder so my younger kids could get in and out of the pit by themselves. 

Projector Screen


home projection screen diy pipe fitting

If the weather is still mild over the holidays, why not host a family movie night with your own outdoor cinema? You can build an easy projector screen usingEMT conduit and 90-degree structural pipe connectors. 

All I needed was 2 equal vertical lengths of conduit and another length for the horizontal bar. I added 2 shorter lengths of conduit to the bottom of the vertical posts for stability. Then I attached a sheet with zip ties before adding my family, hot chocolate, comfy outdoor chairs, warm blankets, and a movie.  

The Wrap Up

Getting the whole family involved inDIY EMT conduit projects is a great way to connect and bond. You can find a fantastic range of structural pipe connectors for all your DIY projects at Maker Pipe.Contact Maker Pipe today for more DIY project inspiration and to find out about the range of connectors we have available.