December 18, 2019 4 min read

8 DIY Ways to Throw the Best 2020 New Year's Party Ever

If you are planning to ring in the New Year with an unforgettable party this year, there are plenty of DIY New Year’s Eve decorations you can make so that you can throw the best party on the block. Here are our favorite EMT conduit decorations for New Year.

best 2020 new year's party ever maker pipe

1. EMT Conduit 2020 Sign

No New Year’s Eve party décor is complete without the obligatory 2020 sign taking pride of place. For this year’s party, we decided to jump on one of the year’s trending New Year’s Eve themes and gave our sign a modern industrial look.

Use equal lengths of EMT conduit and a selection of 90-degree structural pipe connectors and T-connectors to build your numbers. You can either bend the conduit to form numbers in a classic shape, or create a contemporary look and construct them to look like digital numbers.

2. EMT Conduit Bunting

emt conduit bunting maker pipe

Garlands always make a stylish addition to any New Year’s Eve party décor, and a length of pipe bunting is sure to be a conversation piece at your party this year. We made our EMT conduit bunting using just a few materials.

To make a single triangle for your EMT conduit bunting, you will need two 45-degree structural pipe connectors and one 90-degree connector, as well as two 5-inch lengths of conduit and one 7-inch length.

Sandpaper all the connectors and conduit pieces and apply a metal primer. Spray-paint all the components gold, and once dry connect them to form a right-angled triangle. Make as many as you like and use a piece of thin gold rope to thread them together to create your eye-catching bunting.

3. Connector Garland

connector garland maker pipe


For an even easier DIY garland to add to your party, spray-paint a selection of 5-way and 4-way structural pipe connectors in gold, silver, and black (the unofficial color palette of New Year’s Eve), and string them up to create a garland. The geometric, modern design will be the talk of the party. Just make sure that you sand the parts first and apply a primer to ensure that the acrylic spray paint stays put.

 4. Light Arbor

light arbor maker pipeCredit:

If you are throwing a rooftop or outdoor New Year’s Eve bash this year, stun your guests with a dazzling arbor decorated with lights. EMT conduit is ideal for outdoor projects as it is weatherproof. We built an 8-foot arbor for an impressive look and positioned our drinks station underneath. 

All you need to do is construct a box-frame using 90-degree structural pipe fittings and strengthen two opposite sides using struts attached with T-connectors.

5. Serving Stand

serving stand maker pipeCredit:

For extra space to serve your fabulous New Year’s Eve party cocktails and snacks, you can quickly build an easy serving stand out of EMT conduit, structural pipe fittings, and reclaimed wood. The basic frame consists of four vertical posts connected to top and bottom to four horizontal bars of conduit using 90-degree connectors and T-connectors. Then simply secure the reclaimed wood to the top of the frame. 

You can leave the table bare for an industrial-chic New Year’s Eve party look, or cover it with glittering fabric to add a little glamor.

6. Seating

seating maker pipeCredit:

When your guests are tired from dancing the night away you need to have somewhere comfortable from them to sit. Our Maker Pipe EMT conduit swing chairs come together in minutes and you can choose from a range of print designs to suit your décor.

7. New’s Year’s Eve Photo Booth

new years eve photo boothCredit:

A simple EMT conduit frame can help you make memories that will last a lifetime. Create a simple frame using two equal pieces of conduit connected vertically to another length of conduit to form an open square. Add T-connectors to the bottom of the vertical piece and add two more lengths of conduit to form a stable base.

Drape the frame in a backdrop of your choice (we chose extra-long gold tinsel fringe) and add some hilarious photo props. Your New Year’s Eve photo booth is now ready for you to make some memories!

8. Wall Mounted Coat Storage

wall mounted coat storage maker pipe

When bundled up guests come pouring through your front door you will need somewhere for them to hang their hats, coats, and scarves. For those with limited space, an EMT conduit coat hanger will save the living room from looking like a coat check area.

It’s a simple build using conduit and 90-degree structural pipe connectors to form a square frame with horizontal lengths of conduit running along the center. Just add a few 45-degree connectors to form hooks along the frame and mount it on your wall to increase your hanging space. 

The Wrap Up

Make your party the talk of the neighborhood this year with these classy New Year’s Eve decorations made with EMT conduit and Maker Pipe structural pipe connectors.

For more inspiration for your DIY projects, or to find out more about our selection of structural pipe fittings,  contact Maker Pipe on (843)-245-9747 to talk to our friendly staff.