January 18, 2021 5 min read

Customer Build Showcase Ep. # 030

Dave Does The Episode 30 Introduction

Every week we feature customer builds in a YouTube series called Maker Pipe Monday. In this series we showcase customer projects that were shared on social media, in our community, through email, and through reviews on the website. This week we have 7 custom projects a trailer kayak rack, mini models for a school bus conversion, CDC approved singing cubicles, custom desk and shelving unit, treadmill laptop stand, shop vac cart, and a solar panel e-bike trailer!
Let's get into the builds.

DIY Kayak Trailer Rack

DIY Kayak Trailer Rack


The first build in this week's episode is a fantastic kayak trailer rack built by Josh from WaFamilyMan on YouTube. He has four kayaks to haul from his place to the water, and he didn't really have a protected way to move them safely. His solution was this two tiered rack that sits on top of his trailer securely. This allows him to stack all four kayaks without them bumping each other or being one big mess.


Two Tiered Kayak Trailer Rack


The build consists of all T's mixed with EMT conduit pipes of course. He created a two tiered structure with horizontal pipes running from the back to the front of the trailer. He connected those pipes with the T Connectors used as elbows. He used vertical pipes places strategically to divide the space into four sections, one for each kayak. He left the under side of each shelf open so the kayaks could drip dry without water build up underneath. Another great example of a DIY trailer rack solution! For more details about the build you can check out his video here.


School Bus Conversion Interior Modeling

DIY Skoolie Conversion Interior Modeling


 A couple of months ago we released some mini modeling connectors. These allow you to plan out your pipe projects and see the possibilities of building with Maker Pipe at a small scale. Our second build this week is from Instagram user @bobus1776. He shared his school bus conversion interior models. 


DIY School Bus Camper Conversion Interior Modeling


He modeled a bed design that will be sitting width wise in the rear of the bus. He used a really cool technique for the bed which is using 45's to brace from the head board and foot board as well as across the middle with T connectors. He also included pictures of two other models. He designed a seat/couch that doubles as a storage solution. The final model is a galley kitchen design complete with storage and an overhang for lights and storage. These are really cool to see and we can't wait to see the finished builds in the bus! Follow his Instagram account to see progress of his skoolie conversion.


Social Distancing Choir Cubicles

DIY Cubicles For Covid Protection


Mike shared these covid-19 social distancing cubicles that he built for his choirs Christmas Mass service. They needed to have more than one singer on stage at a time safely so they came up with this solution. Each cubicle is designed to minimize microphone feedback and follows the recommended guidelines from the CDC.


Social Distancing Choir Cubicles


Using T connectors and conduit he made a frame that flares out making a trapezoid shape. He added Lexan sheets to the 3 outer walls to enclose the singer in a safe environment. This is one of the best examples for Covid protection that we've seen so far. Great build Mike and thanks for sharing!


Dual Workstation With Shelving

Custom Dual Workstation For Two People


Over the holiday's we ran a Maker Kit Giveaway. Marty won this contest and didn't waste any time putting his connectors to use. Him and his wife share a workspace and her laser engraving business had begun overthrowing his desk. He ditched the old bookshelves and desks and built this dual workstation with shelving built in so they would both have the space they needed to work.


DIY Desk With Shelving


The two sides of the desk are mirrored and built using T connectors and 180 degree connectors. He created a 3 tiered shelf design using T's and 180's. For the desktop and shelves he used melamine coated MDF boards. This is a great custom workstation example and creates lots of space for Marty and his wife.


Treadmill Laptop Stand

DIY Treadmill Laptop Stand


Our next build was sent in by Marsha, and she made this custom laptop stand that fits nicely around her treadmill so she can watch movies while she's working out. The best thing about custom projects like this is you can build it exactly to your needs. She made it so the height is just right and allows her to see her laptop screen perfectly.


DIY Laptop Stand For Treadmill


The design for this is pretty simple. She did a tall and slender frame for the table by using 90 degree connectors in the corners. She added a top to the stand so she can set her things on top of it. She finished off the build with black conduit shrink wrap which cleans up the build and gives it a nice aesthetic. This is a great solution for people who are having to work out from home during the pandemic. Thanks for sharing Marsha!


Shop Vac Caddy

DIY Shop Vac Caddy


Our next build was left as a review on the T Connector. Den wasn't happy with how the shop vac came from the factory so he improved upon the organization for the accessories. He built this mobile caddy that holds the shop vac, accessories, hose, and cords! This allows him to move everything he needs and keep it all together.


Shop Vac Accessories Organization


He started with a round platform and added vertical pipes to it. On the vertical pipes he used 45 degree connectors to add an angled pipe that holds the cord and hose in place. The tips of the vertical pipes hold the accessories which is a really clever idea. He added a caster kit to the build which makes the whole thing mobile! This is a neat project and Den says its working out great which makes us happy.


Solar Panel E-Bike Trailer Mount

Solar Panel Mount For An E-Bike Trailer


Our last featured build this week is Christopher's solar panel mount for his e-bike trailer. This is a pretty complex and awesome build! Christopher built this trailer to hold solar panels which charges his e-bike battery. If that wasn't cool enough Christopher added a function that causes the solar panel to track the sun!


DIY Solar Panel Mount For An E-Bike Trailer


He added this custom mount to his bike trailer with T Connectors connected on to the pipes from the trailer frame. He then designed some 3D printed parts that clamp around pipes and other accessories needed to make the solar panel system work. This is another really cool one that we are glad Christopher shared with us. Here is his post on the community if you want to ask him any questions about the project.



Another great week of builds, and we appreciate everyone sharing them with us. If you have a project to share you can do so through email at info@makerpipe.com, or social media with the #makerpipe hashtag, and of course you can share on the Maker Pipe Connect community. If you want to see the video version of this weeks showcase it will be listed below. Thanks and happy building!