January 26, 2021 4 min read

Dining Igloos And More Creative Pipe Projects

Every week we feature customer builds in a YouTube series called Maker Pipe Monday. In this series we showcase customer projects that were shared on social media, in our community, through email, and through reviews on the website. This week we have 5 great custom projects and a fantastic community made hack video!
Let's get into the builds.

 DIY Covid Dining Igloos

DIY Dining Igloos


First up this week is a customer review left by Todd on the 180 Degree Connector. His company makes dining domes for restaurants so patrons can eat safely. These domes are constructed with various components like fiberglass and EMT. Before they found Maker Pipe they were using a mixture of off the shelf couplings and iron pipe fittings. He said they were much more expensive and difficult to assemble and was happy to have found Maker Pipe as a replacement solution.


180 Degree Connection Point


The base of the igloos are made with bent EMT Conduit and they use our connectors at various points around the base to combine the semi circle and add vertical support poles that hold the fiberglass poles. Those poles curve to the roof and allow the canvas material to drape over the frame like an igloo. Very cool project and we are stoked that Maker Pipe was able to keep the cost down on these builds. Thanks for sharing Todd!


Subaru Baja  DIY Bed Rack


DIY Subaru Baja Bed Rack


Our next project was shared by Ed, and he built a bed rack for his Subaru Baja truck. Aftermarket accessories are hard to come by for these trucks which results in really expensive solutions when you can find them. Instead of giving up, Ed researched and found Maker Pipe then built his own!


DIY Subaru Baja Bed Rack View From Front


He built the rack as a cage around the tailgate part of the truck. The rack really acts as an extender so he can extend objects from the roof like surfboards or timber. He built it like an upside down U using T Connectors and 90 Degree Connectors then bolted it to the bed in various points straight through the conduit. Looks awesome and he says it works great. Thanks for sharing Ed!


DIY Sled Pull Behind


DIY Sled Pull Behind Attachment


This next one was sent in by Don, and he built these sled attachments for him and his wife. He says they are a bit older and enjoy outdoor winter activities like camping which can be tough. To make it a little easier they pull snow sleds that carry items they need. He wasn't happy with the current set up so he built this hinged style attachment with Maker Pipe.

He ran some I bolts into the sleds then ran a piece of conduit through them. Then he attached T Connectors to the conduit on both ends. He attaches the ski poles inside the T's and uses clevis pins so the poles can be easily and quickly removed. Really simple and clever build that gets the job done. Thanks for sharing Don!


Road Sign Coffee Table


DIY Road Sign Coffee Table


Brian shared his custom coffee table built with Maker Pipe and a road sign. He shares a lot of great artwork on his Instagram @sparkitect9. Be sure to check him out and see all the cool stuff that he's working on. One of his recent projects was this really cool coffee table!


DIY Coffee Table Cork And Coupling Used As Feet


He built it using T Connectorsand conduit as the frame then attached the road sign with one hole straps. The frame is really simple, but he also shared a really cool hack that we haven't seen before. He used corks wrapped in plumbers strap to make feet for the table. That is definitely one to remember for future projects. Thanks for sharing Brian!


DIY Winter Sailboat Cover


DIY 32 Foot Sailboat Cover


The next one is David's winter boat cover that he built. He wanted a pitched roof that would protect his 32 foot sail boat and allow things to slide off easily so it wouldn't run the risk of building up and breaking through the roof material.


DIY Pitched Roof Using 90 Degree Connectors


To achieve the pitched roof he used 90 Degree Connectors angled down to make 45 degree pitches. He then ran bent conduit down the sides of the frame from the 90's until they reached the side of the boat. He said he hasn't added the roof material yet, but the tarp gives a good idea of what the finished build will look like. He is happy with the rigidity and said he's not worried about it at all which makes us happy to hear. Thanks for sharing David!


MKE Gadgets Hack Video


Our last one this week isn't a build, but rather a series of hacks posted on YouTube by MKE gadgets! He shared some really clever tips and tricks along with his custom 3D printed build accessories and tools. Be sure to check out his channel here and see all the cool ways he's building with Maker Pipe!



Another great week of builds, and we appreciate everyone sharing them with us. If you have a project to share you can do so through email at info@makerpipe.com, or social media with the #makerpipe hashtag, and of course you can share on the Maker Pipe Connect community. If you want to see the video version of this weeks showcase it will be listed below. Thanks and happy building!