January 11, 2021 5 min read

December Build of the Month Entry Roundup

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Every month we run a Build of the Month contest where makers from our free DIY community share their projects for a chance to win a Maker Pipe prize pack! Eight great builds were entered into December's contest and we are going to showcase each one below. Once you see all the builds head over to the community and vote for your favorite! Let's dive into this month's entries!

Clausing Lathe Frame & Tool Organizer

DIY Clausing Lathe Frame and Tool Organizer


The first entry in this month's BOTM is Shawn's totally awesome frame and tool organizer. He built this custom to fit around his clausing lathe machine. This build is packed with features including a chip backstop, onboard power outlet, overhead switched LED light, end bumper, and tool trays.


Side View Of Clausing Lathe Frame &  Tool Organizer


He incorporated a lot of bends into the structure which we love to see because it adds a nice aesthetic to builds. To connect the frame together he used a series of T, 90 degree, and 45 degree Connectors where necessary. The trays rest on the back of the frame between two pipes and the backdrop and light are secured with screws. To see more details about this build, follow this link to Shawn's post in the community.


Chicken Run

DIY Maker Pipe Chicken Run


Our second entry in December's BOTM is Scott's fantastic DIY chicken run built completely out of Maker Pipe and 3/4" EMT conduit along with some netting to keep the chickens safe. The main frame of the chicken run consists of long horizontal pieces connected by 180 degree connectors in the middle and 90 degree connectors on the corners. He added bracing where needed with 45 degree connectors and finished off the frame with bent verticals that connect in the middle with 180's. These give the roof a nice slant.


DIY Hinged Door For Chicken Run


A really neat thing that he incorporated in the build was a hinged door using T Connectors. He left the connectors slightly loose around the conduit which gives it some rotating flexibility. The outside of the run is finished off with a black netting that keeps the chickens secured inside. To see more photos and details check out Scott's post here.


Menorah #1

DIY Menorah


With several holidays falling in the month of December we had some great festive builds submitted in this month's BOTM contest. The first of which is this menorah built by Dan. This menorah stands about 4.5' foot wide and tall according to Dan. He built the base of the structure using two T Connectors. With the conduit connected the base looks like a capital H. From the base he used a T to add a vertical pipe. Then with a 180 degree connector he added a horizontal pipe that the candle holders branch off of. He used olive oil for the candles. Here is a link to his post so you can see more details about the build.


Infinity Cube Light

DIY Infinity Cube Pendant Light


Our next submission comes from Ethan Carter who is an avid Maker and documents all of his cool projects on his YouTube Channel which you can find here. One of his projects was this awesome infinity cube pendant light. Using T connectors he created the infinity cube and it looks really sweet! To finish off the light he covered the bare conduit with leather. He said it took 22 total pieces of leather and approximately 650 stitches to completely cover the build! Be sure to check out the video here or follow this link to see his post in the community.


LED Christmas Tree


LED RGB String Light Christmas Tree


Our next holiday build is from Bruce. He built this clever LED String Christmas Tree. The base and middle of the tree are pieces of conduit bent into a circle! The two circles are connected with T Connectors and vertical pipes. To attach the string LED's to the build he used plastic rods that are usually used to mark snow removal spots on properties. He uses a PixelBlaze controller for pattern design and control. The picture doesn't really do this build justice so follow the link to see his video of the tree in action.


Laptop/Material Stand

DIY Laptop And Material Stand


The next submission we have is from @designmaketeach on Instagram. He had a unique problem to solve with this build. Their facility has Epilog Laser machines, and they needed a way to hold their laptops and materials when running a program. He achieved this by building a series of laptop stands that fit in between each machine. The stand has a 3 tiered design with T's making up the first two shelves and the top uses four 90 degree connectors to make the square that holds the top shelf. Another cool thing he added on to the build was a Halotron fire extinguisher mount. Safety first! Make sure to follow his Instagram account and check out his other cool projects.


Menorah #2

DIY Hanuka Menorah


Next we have another fantastic menorah build. It's really cool to see when two builders have the same end build planned, but achieve them differently. MC's menorah build is a bit taller and wider than the other coming in at roughly 6 feet both ways. The bottom has a flange added on so they can attach the menorah to a surface. The top has 45's angled up to the candles which adds a nice aesthetic to the structure. Another great idea they had was mounting the candles directly on the T connectors. Check out this link to see their post in the community.


Hanging Christmas Light Display

DIY Hanging Christmas Light Display


The last entry in this month's BOTM is Raymond's hanging light display. This project was in the works for a few years. He originally tried to build the frame with PVC and 1/2" conduit which ended up being too awkward and heavy for mounting. While researching alternatives he discovered Maker Pipe and began redesigning the frame. He made a blueprint in CAD to confirm the needed dimensions and started building. This is the finished result! The light display looks great and adds some flare to the Christmas light display. Check out Raymond's post here for more details and pictures of the build.



That's all of the entries submitted in December's Build of the Month contest. All of the builds are fantastic and we need your help picking the winner. Follow this link to vote for your favorite build. The winner will receive a sweet Maker Pipe prize pack containing a t-shirt, tool belt, Maker Pipe Mini Kit, community badge, and a $50 Maker Pipe gift certificate! Do you have a build you want to enter? Tag your post in the community with #MakerPipeBOTM and you will be entered in to win! Thanks for reading and happy building.