February 08, 2021 4 min read

Custom Roof Rack, Holiday Light Show, And More!

Every week we feature customer builds in a YouTube series called Maker Pipe Monday. In this series we showcase customer projects that were shared on social media, in our community, through email, and through reviews on the website. This week we have 6 great custom projects built by makers in the community!
Let's get into the builds.

Land Cruiser Roof Rack

DIY Land Cruiser Roof Rack And Ladder


First up this week is a really cool land cruiser roof rack and ladder! Mark sent in this build through email and we are glad that he did because it is awesome. Pre built roof racks might be too expensive or maybe they don't have the desired dimensions. A DIY roof rack is great when you want to save some money and build something to fit your application.


Dave's Reaction To The Land Cruiser


He bent conduit into 90 degree corners and created the top and bottom frame work. He attached the framework with brackets that lock into the rain channel of the land cruiser. Using T Connectors he attached the conduit on the bottom and sides to create a basket like rack. Once he had the rack he added a ladder using bent conduit for the vertical rails and then T Connectors with conduit for each step. This is a really great example of a  DIY roof rack and offers inspiration for other makers out there looking for a custom rack solution. Thanks for sharing Mark!


Holiday Light Show



Next up this week is Jeffrey's amazing holiday light show! You've probably seen those mind blowing holiday light shows that are decked out on houses and synchronize with music. Well that is exactly what The Tell Family does, and this past year they incorporated Maker Pipe. Instead of drilling holes directly into the house they built the framework for their displays using Maker Pipe and EMT conduit.


Dave's Reaction To The Holiday Light Show


He built the framework using T Connectors and conduit then attached the lights and panels directly to the frames. Then he used T's to add an angled pipe that connects with horizontal pipes on the porch. Then he used various strings and straps to tighten the frame in place. This design keeps the drilling of holes to a minimum which is always a great thing. You should definitely watch their videos and see the light show in action!


Outdoor Shower & Toilet


DIY Outdoor Shower & Toilet


This next build was left as a review under the T Connector. This builder needed a solution for a outdoor covered bathroom and shower, and what they came up with worked out great. Using Maker Pipe and conduit they built the frame and then used curtains on the outer walls and door. They also added a pitched roof which is really cool and offers even more protection for people inside. They used a few different connectors. It looks like T's were used on most of the main frame with 45's used for bracing. Then the roof uses a mixture of T's, 180's, and 90 Degree Connectors. Byung was really happy with how it came out and say's it was exactly what he was looking for. Thanks for sharing and leaving a nice review!


Mini Desk Model


Mini Model Of A Custom Corner Desk


The next one isn't a build just yet, but rather a prototype of a future build. We sell packs of Mini Connectors that are replicas of the conduit connectors we offer. These mini connectors pair with coffee stirrers and allow you to plan out builds exactly. That's exactly what Greg needed for this custom desk project. He has an odd shaped corner in his apartment that pre built solutions don't really fit. He's using Minis to plan out the design and see what connectors he would need to build it. We hope to share Greg's completed desk build when the time comes, but for now at least he can model and plan. Thanks for sharing Greg!


Chair Reinforcement


DIY Chair Repair & Reinforcement


Next up is a really simple and clever build. S.A left this build as a review on the T Connector product page. They used 2 T Connectors and conduit to reinforce a folding chair that broke. The welded on cross bar had broken off somehow and so they added a bar across by clamping the T's around the chair legs! This is a super simple, but a cool use none the less. Thanks for sharing!


Welder's Booth


DIY Welder's Booth


The last build we have to showcase this week is a welder's booth built by MKE Gadgets over on YouTube. He has shared some cool stuff over the last little bit like his Maker Pipe building hack video. His latest project was a protective booth for welding. He used T connectors and conduit to build a frame that has diamond plated panels attached alongside welding curtains that are hung with a clever coat hangar hack. You can check out his channel here if you're interested and want to show some love to his channel. Thanks for sharing!



Another great week of builds, and we appreciate everyone sharing them with us. If you have a project to share you can do so through email at info@makerpipe.com, or social media with the #makerpipe hashtag, and of course you can share on the Maker Pipe Connect community. If you want to see the video version of this weeks showcase it will be listed below. Thanks and happy building!