February 15, 2021 4 min read

DIY ATV Dump Bed & More Community Projects


Dave's Monday Introduction


Every week we feature customer builds in a YouTube series called Maker Pipe Monday. In this series we showcase customer projects that were shared on social media, in our community, through email, and through reviews on the website. This week we have 4 custom projects and 3 building accessories shared by makers in the community!
Let's get into the builds.

DIY ATV Dump Bed Railing

DIY ATV Bed Rack


First up this week is Emmanuel and the railing he built for his Can Am 6x6. He mentions in his post that you can never have enough firewood which is absolutely true especially in these winter months. He uses a 6x6 Can Am ATV to move firewood around because the bed can hold upwards of 800 pounds! The only problem is the side walls of the bed don't allow for high stacks of woods to be moved so he needed a wall extension. There are prebuilt options, but they're really expensive so Emmanuel built his own.


Custom ATV Bed Railing


The existing railing has pipes already attached which allowed him to add some connectors directly to it. Then from there he added two tiered pipes using T Connectors and 90 Degree Connectors. Then he some wood panels that hold the cargo in the bed. He used two hole straps to attach the wood panels. He said it works great and saved a ton of money which always makes us happy. Thanks for sharing Emmanuel!


DIY Hydroponic System

DIY Hydroponic Rack For Home Gardening 

Our next build is from Mike and he built a hydroponic rack system for his home. He shared this build as a review on the T Connector product page. He had a rough sketch, and needed a way to make his idea into a reality. He found Maker Pipe while researching his building options. In the review he said the connectors gave him total freedom on size, dimensions, and creativity. We love hearing about builds like these because we intended for Maker Pipe to be a solution that anyone can use to bring their idea to life.


Hydroponic System For Home Gardening


The main frame consists of four vertical uprights with cross pipes between them connected with T Connectors. There are a couple of 45 Degree Connectors used to brace the frame where needed. Then he attached the lights to the cross pipes. All that's left is adding the trays and connecting the water system. Fantastic build and looks like it's going to work out great! Thanks for sharing Mike.


DIY Deck Covering

DIY Sunshade Deck Covering


Next up is Barry's sunshade frame and sun shade deck covering. They have a 16x20 deck that was exposed to the elements and sun so he made this fantastic covering. He attached the vertical pipes to the deck railing which is great because there is several off the shelf solutions for mounting conduit like that such as two hole straps. From there he added the roof frame using T's and 180's to make square panels for the shade cloth to sit in. He added 45 Degree bracing where needed and a vertical support in the middle of the deck. He added the shade cloth and lights to finish it off. It looks really inviting and I'm sure they are excited to put it to use. Thanks for sharing Barry!


DIY Desk Shelving Unit

DIY Desk Shelving Unit


Our next build is from Matthew Compton. He has built tons with Maker Pipe and all of his builds are awesome. His most recent project was this shelving unit that adds on to his prebuilt desk. Sometimes you just need more storage and rather than buying a whole new setup you can add on to your current desk. Matthew's build is a great example of that.


Custom Add On Desk Storage


The left side of the structure fits perfect around the desk and adds two shelves above the desktop. Then connected on the right is the main shelving unit. It has 4 total shelves that are sized to hold different things like a TV and storage bins. He used 90 Degree Connectors for the corners and T's for the shelves. He used 180's to connect the two sides of the structure and brace where needed. Another great build from Matthew and we appreciate all of his continued support.


3D Printed Building Accessories

Last up this week we have some 3D printed building accessories shared by Chris. He has built some really cool projects with Maker Pipe and he has also made some custom parts through out his builds. Each accessory has a .92" diameter end so our connectors can mount to them directly. Click the title of each part to be redirected to the files so you can print some for your project!


Variable Angle Ball Joint Hinge


3D Printed Ball Joint


180 Degree Two Connector Hinge


180 Degree 3D Printed Hinge


 Hinged Flange


3D Printed Hinge Flange



That is all the builds for this week! Thanks everyone for sharing your builds, we really appreciate it. If you have a project to share you can do so through email at info@makerpipe.com, or social media with the #makerpipe hashtag, and of course you can share on the Maker Pipe Connect community. If you want to see the video version of this weeks showcase it will be listed below. Thanks and happy building!