DIY LED Corner Floor Lamp Kit

This DIY LED corner floor lamp is super easy to build. It stands 6 feet tall and looks amazing all lit up! This kit includes the 3/4" EMT Conduit 90 Degree Connector for the frame only. You can add pre-cut conduit to your kit along with your color choice of shrink wrap to cover the pipes (10 ft roll). You will get the instructions in the kit or you can also download them for free below.

This Kit Includes
  • (x1) 90 Degree Connector & Hardware
  • Optional Pre-Cut Conduit
  • Optional 10ft Roll Of Shrink Wrap
  • Step by Step Instructions
  • Cut & Tool List
Connector Color
Add Pre-Cut 3/4" Silver EMT Conduit To Your Kit
Optional Shrink Wrap Color (10ft Roll)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
D.C. (VA)
Love this

I'm looking to make this but I have had trouble finding that compactor you use. I feel the two piece is best to ensure it all fits. If you can let me know where and what brand it was purchased that would be great.

Bob L. (DC)
Not Great

The connector is too small. I have to jam the upright pipe in, to make it fit, and the supports barely fit. As a result, the screws are almost impossible to start, and the support ends of the connector are flared, not flat to the pipes.

I tried to modify the project by using PVC, to save $ and weight, but had the same experience of it barely fitting. I thought maybe the diameter of 3/4" PVC was larger than 3/4" EMT conduit, so I returned the PVC and picked up some conduit, but NOPE. The connector is just too small.

I'm going to get it together, and use it as is, but I'm not stoked.

Megan R. (WA)

Very detailed. Thank you. Turned out well for me.