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DIY projects are a great way to unleash your creativity to create stylish, functional pieces for your home. There are endless possibilities for DIY pipe fitting projects. Here are nine of our favorite projects that you can build with EMT conduit and Maker Pipe connectors.


1. Industrial Table Lamp

diy pipe desk lamp maker pipe

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Table lamps add ambiance to any room, and an industrial-style lamp is a great way to add some on-trend décor to your home. Store-bought industrial lamps can be expensive, but you can DIY your lamp from EMT conduit tubing and pipe fittings.

The beauty of using conduit and fittings is that you can shape the tubing to make a lamp in any size or style you choose. You can customize the color of the lamp to suit your décor by applying colored shrink wrap to the conduit before attaching all the pieces together.

Simply create a base with the tubing and fittings, then thread a lamp fixture through the conduit. Make sure you use an insulator when you are wiring your lamp for safety.


2. Rustic Desk

diy rustic desk maker pipe

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Upgrade the look of your home office with a rustic DIY desk made from reclaimed wood, EMT conduit, and pipe connectors. EMT conduit is strong and durable to withstand the weight of the wooden tabletop.

To create your DIY desk, start building the legs by connecting two vertical lengths of EMT conduit to two horizontal lengths the same width as your reclaimed wood tabletop using T-connectors. Repeat for the opposite end of the desk. Connect the two leg frames with two crossed struts, attached diagonally with T-connectors.

You have the options of creating a mobile desk by attaching rolling casters to the bottom of the legs or cap the ends to prevent them from scratching your floors. Now that you have your frame, attach your tabletop, and your desk is ready.


3. Bookcases

diy structural pipe bookshelf maker pipe

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For an affordable way to add some much-needed storage space to your living room, you can use EMT conduit and fittings to construct a wall-mounted bookcase.

You can design the shelf to suit your living room layout. Try two small mounted units on either side of the TV or go big with a system of shelves that span the length of the room. Add some color to your space by applying colorful shrink wrap to the pipes before connecting them.


4. Baby Gym

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Babies are always curious, and a great way to develop their little brains is with a baby gym.

The gym is a simple A-frame structure that you can make using lengths of EMT conduit and two 90-degree connectors. Don’t forget to add end plugs into the bottom of the tubing to seal the end and protect your floor. Once the frame is complete, attach your little one’s favorite early learning toys.


5. Sling Chair

sling chair maker pipe


Create a peaceful oasis in your yard or patio for this summer with a set of DIY sling chairs. At Maker Pipe, we take the hassle out of planning and designing your DIY pipe fitting projects with our DIY sling chair kit.

The kit comes with a sling, which is available in a variety of colors, as well as all the connectors you need to construct a sturdy conduit frame that can withstand hours of relaxation. For an added layer of protection for your outdoor conduit furniture, add a layer of shrink wrap for a weatherproof coating that will prevent corrosion and add a bold splash of color to your chairs.


6. Rack for Pots and Pans

diy pots and pans pipe rack maker pipe

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Storing pots and pans nested inside a cupboard can damage non-stick coatings and limit your access to the cookware when you need it. A wall-mounted rack lets you store your pots where you can easily reach them and makes a stylish addition to your kitchen.

To create a rack that can accommodate a variety of different sized pots and pans, create a rectangular frame using 90-degree pipe fittings and conduit, and add a vertical length of conduit using T-connectors to divide the rectangular frame. Add horizontal lengths of conduit at varying intervals between using more T-connectors. After you mount the frame to your wall, just hang your pots and pans using S-hooks.


7.  Towel Rack

diy towel rack maker pipe

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There’s nothing more frustrating than wet towels on the bathroom floor. To add some extra storage space in your bathroom, try an easy DIY pipe fitting project. Create a towel rack that has plenty of space to hang your towel, and a handy shelf to store your other bathroom items.

With this simple build, you can complete your towel rack in just one afternoon. Use reclaimed wood for the shelf, and a selection of 90-degree and T-connectors to form the rack underneath. From there, it is just a matter of mounting it to the bathroom wall. Don’t forget to seal your wood shelf to prevent damage from humidity.


8. Clothes Rack

diy clothes pipe rack maker pipe

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When there is no space left in your closet for your favorite clothing items, you can put them on display in your bedroom with a ceiling-mounted clothes rack.

All you need to do is construct a simple structure with three lengths of conduit connected with two 90-degree pipe fittings. Cut the length of the two vertical pieces to a height that is easily accessible and won’t allow the clothes to drag on the floor. Use a stud finder to locate the joists in the roof. Mount the rack to the ceiling joists, and you have ample storage for your clothes without taking up floor space in your bedroom.


9. Curtain Rods

diy curtain rod maker pipe

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EMT conduit curtain rods are an affordable way to add style and comfort to any room. You can cut the conduit to fit any size window, and the smooth aluminum allows curtain rings to slide along effortlessly.

To make a single curtain rod, you need two 90-degree pipe connectors and enough conduit so that the length of the curtain rod exceeds the window frame by 3-4 inches on either side. When mounting the curtain rods, secure them to the wall studs.


The Wrap-Up

DIY pipe fitting projects don’t need to be difficult or time-consuming. Maker Pipe connectors are designed to allow you to snap together EMT conduit projects with ease to create a durable, lasting project for your home. To find out more about our pipe connectors and accessories for your DIY projects, contact Maker Pipe at (843)-245-9747 to talk with our friendly and experienced staff who can help you get started building your dream DIY projects.