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Halloween is just around the corner, but instead of going to the costume store, you can DIY your costume using versatile EMT conduit. EMT conduit and connectors are a fast and affordable way to create unique homemade costumes and props that can help you stand out from the crowd. Here are some of our favorite Halloween costume ideas using EMT conduit.


What is EMT Conduit?

EMT stands for “electrical metal tubing”, which is typically used to route electrical wires. It is sturdy enough to resist damage from impact but highly malleable to suit a variety of electrical wiring applications.

It is these qualities that make EMT conduit highly flexible and easy-to-use so that you can utilize it for a variety of different projects, including creating eye-catching DIY Halloween costumes.


Halloween Costume Ideas Using EMT Conduit

There are many ways EMT conduit can be transformed into a great costume for Halloween.


Old Man/Lady

Give people a glimpse into the future in a DIY Old Man or Old Lady costume complete with an EMT conduit walker. This costume is also a cute idea for toddlers just learning to walk. With EMT conduit, you don’t need to worry about the safety of the pediatric walker: An EMT conduit baby walker is a stable and safe Halloween accessory.


pediatric walker halloween maker pipe emt conduit

Source: thrfun.com


Tie a few colorful helium balloons to the back of your child’s costume to transform the Old Man costume into Carl from the movie Up!


Mouse in a Trap

This costume is both sweet and slightly sinister. The Mouse in a Trap costume is the perfect costume to pull together at the last minute. For the mouse all you need in a pair of grey leggings and a grey top, and the trap comes together in under an hour.


mouse in a trap maker pipe emt conduit

Source: costume-works.com


All you need is flexible EMT conduit tubing and angled connectors for the metallic parts of the trap, and two large foam boards stuck together to create the base. Paint the base brown and attach straps to hold the trap on your shoulders and attach the EMT conduit trap to the base using clasps.


Alien Abduction

If you want a unique costume that will impress everyone on the block, try this hilarious Alien Abduction costume. This DIY can be sized for adults and kids and is simple and fun to whip up.

To create the costume you begin with a school backpack, then construct a simple cross-frame out of EMT conduit, and a 180-degree connector. Attach a bag stuffed with poly-fil to the top of the frame and cover the bag with an alien mask to create the head.

Make arms out of flexible EMT conduit to attach to the crossbar of the frame, then make fake legs out of a pair of sweatpants filled with poly-fil. Cover the frame and head in a long black cloak and attach the fake legs to a t-shirt. Secure the frame inside the backpack, put on the t-shirt and bag, and wrap the alien arms across your stomach. The result is a fun optical illusion costume that will have the neighbors scratching their heads in amazement.


Grim Reaper

Get ready to cause some big scares with this terrifying Grim Reaper costume. This costume is aimed more at the teen and adult crowd, with EMT conduit tubing adding extra height and width for a truly intimidating look.


emt conduit grim reaper maker pipe

Source: adafruit.com


The EMT conduit forms a frame that is worn over the shoulders and allows the Styrofoam ribs and skull of the Reaper to sit above the person wearing the costume. The EMT conduit arms are articulated to allow you to control their movement, and the skull features red LED lights for an otherworldly glow.



If creepy characters aren’t your idea of good fun but you still want a creative costume to wear trick-or-treating, this shower costume is sure to turn some heads.


emt conduit shower halloween maker pipe

Source: instructables.com


Use EMT conduit to create an over-the-shoulder frame with three extensions to hold a hula hoop, and a vertical extension at the back to attach a plastic shower head. Attach a shower curtain to the hula hoop, add a shower cap and a rubber duck, and you are ready to give your neighbors and friends a good laugh.


Halloween Props

While Halloween costumes using EMT conduit are a great way to make creative and creepy costumes. Conduit is also excellent for creating haunting Halloween décor for your home and yard. The flexible EMT conduit and variety of structural pipe connectors allow you to create a simple frame that you can decorate in an endless number of ways to create an eye-catching Halloween display in your front yard.


Halloween emt conduit maker pipe

Source: wikimedia.org


To create the basic conduit mannequin, you will need to design an elongated T-frame using conduit and a 180-degree connector. For “hips” and “legs”, use EMT conduit and 90-degree connectors as well as a 180-degree connector to attach the “leg” to the upper frame. Then, you make arms to attach to the crossbar of the frame. After you have your frame ready, just let your imagination do the rest.

Here are some popular Halloween décor ideas.



Wrap chicken wire around the frame to create a torso and head, then use corrugated drainpipe to make the legs and arms. Stain old, white bed sheets using tea to create ancient mummy wrappings and use spray adhesive to glue the wrapping to the chicken wireframe.



A yard full of zombies is a simple as covering your frames in some old clothes and fake blood. You can find zombie heads at costume and party stores or create your DIY zombie head using paper-mâché.


Creepy Scarecrow


emt conduit scarecrow maker pipe

Source: pexels.com


Make a creepy scarecrow in a similar way to a zombie using old clothes but use a burlap sack full a straw for the head instead. Alternatively, put a jack-o-lantern on top of the frame with LED lights inside for an extra spine-tingling Halloween display.


The Takeaway

You can head down to Party City to nab a last-minute Halloween costume, or you can let your imagination run wild and try one of these spooky DIY Halloween costume ideas using EMTconduit.

For affordable, high-quality EMT conduit for all your DIY projects, contact Maker Pipeat 843-245-9747 and talk to our experienced staff about the types of EMT conduit and connectors we have available.