November 08, 2019 4 min read

This year create a fun-filled Thanksgiving celebration for friends and family with unique Thanksgiving décor made from EMT conduit. This simple and easy-to-use product offers unlimited creative possibilities. For some inspiration, here are our favorite fun DIY Thanksgiving decorations using EMT conduit.


Thanksgiving Photo Booth




Create new memories to be thankful for in years to come with a quick and easy photo booth. Put together a simple backdrop frame by connecting two vertical lengths of EMT conduit to a horizontal piece using 90-degree connectors. Then, add two short perpendicular lengths of conduit to the bottom of the vertical posts using 180-degree connectors.


Once you have your frame ready, choose a festive piece of fabric to drape over the top and secure with oversized clips. Select some hilarious props for friends and family to use in their photos. Use a Polaroid camera so guests can take home their favorite pictures as gifts when they leave.


Modern Pipe Wreath




A wreath on your front door is a thoughtful and festive way to welcome guests to your Thanksgiving Day celebrations. Using EMT conduit gives your wreath a modern twist and allows you to add seasonal foliage and flowers to your home décor.


To make a simple pipe wreath, take four equal lengths of EMT conduit and connect them using 90-degree connectors to create a square. Add a long piece of wide ribbon in your favorite festive color, and attach fresh or dried flowers and leaves to one or two corners of the square.


Industrial Candle Holder




Add a warm, festive glow to your table settings and mantle pieces with an industrial-style candle holder created from EMT conduit and modular pipe fittings. The benefit of using Maker Pipe connectors and fittings is that you have endless possibilities when designing your candle holder.


Do you want an elaborate centerpiece for your Thanksgiving Day table? Use different lengths of EMT conduit and 180-degree connectors to create an eye-catching candelabra that can hold multiple candles. Or, if you want subtle ambiance, make a series of small single candle holders to dot along your mantlepiece and side tables.


No matter which design you choose, construct a stable S-shaped base using 90-degree connectors to keep your candle holder in place and reduce the risk of a fire hazard.


Thanksgiving Tree




Thanksgiving trees are a beautiful and creative way to show what you are thankful for and make a stunning addition to your Thanksgiving décor. While most Thanksgiving trees are made from branches, try something different this year and DIY your tree from EMT conduit pipe and fittings.


Create interesting and eye-catching angles using 45-degree pipe fittings and EMT conduit to create “branches.” Places them inside a tall vase or planter with a festive ribbon, and hang some DIY ornaments that express what you are thankful for this year.


Indoor Arbor




Make a big impression on your Thanksgiving Day guests this year with a stunning indoor arbor to dress your mantlepiece or entrance. EMT conduit is easy to work with and extremely sturdy, which means you can use almost any type of décor to dress up the frame. Create a fall-inspired mantle with miniature pumpkins and bare branches. Or, go for a big and bright harvest theme with sunflowers and sheaves of wheat.


To construct your indoor arbor frame, measure the space where you intend to place the arbor and cut two horizontal lengths of EMT conduit that are approximately 2-3 inches wider on each side. Connect these pieces to four vertical lengths of conduit and two short horizontal lengths using 90-degree structural pipe connectors. You can create a stable base with two more lengths of conduit, or place the frame inside indoor planters filled with sand.


Wall Mounted Pipe Planters




Incorporating fall foliage and plants into your Thanksgiving décor is a great way to make the most of the colors of the season. It’s also an affordable and elegant way to brighten up your home for Thanksgiving celebrations.


A wall-mounted pipe planter makes sure that you have used the vertical space in your home effectively and still have plenty of space left for guests to mingle.


It is easy to make a DIY pipe planter from EMT conduit and pipe fittings: you just need a few different lengths of conduit, a variety of fittings, and lots of imagination. You can make the planter as big or as small as you want, leave the pipe ends open rather than adding end plugs, so you have space to add different types of fall plants. Some beautiful ways to decorate your planter include bare branches with pine cones, preserved fall leaves, or air plants.


The Takeaway


Thanksgiving decorations brighten your home and create a festive atmosphere. Try something a little unusual to get people talking at your Thanksgiving celebrations this year with creative and unique EMT conduit decorations.

To learn more about how you can create fun DIY projects for your home from EMT conduit and fittings, contact Maker Pipe on (843)-245-9747 to talk with our friendly and experienced staff.