September 28, 2020 4 min read

DIY Dog Run and More Maker Pipe Builds

Every Monday we showcase customer builds submitted to our free DIY community. This weeks episode features a DIY dog run, red wagon restoration, lifetime chair cart, indoor bike rack, goat trailer, and a couple of boat shade projects. We love helping builders turn their ideas into a finished project, and we hope that you get some inspiration from these completed builds. Let's get into it!


DIY Red Wagon Restoration

DIY Red Wagon Restoration


Our first build is by Raymond, and he restored this red wagon and replaced the worn out wooden sides with Maker Pipe and conduit. He built this so his grandson could be pulled down the aisle at his son's wedding. He sandblasted the wagon and repainted it red.

The railing is made completely out of conduit and conduit accessories. He mounted vertical pipes to each corner of the wagon with conduit hangers. The top of each vertical pipe has two 90 degree connectors spaced out that connect the horizontal rails.

The pipes are painted black, but you could also wrap them with black shrink wrap for a similar finish. He added red end caps to each vertical pipe to finish the build off. It looks great and has a cool story behind it. Thanks for sharing Raymond!


DIY Dog Run

DIY Dog Run


Next up is Peter's DIY dog run. Pet runs are a designated place for pets to use the bathroom and play without the owner having to worry about the pet getting into trouble.

Peter's design uses 3/4" EMT Conduit, Maker Pipe connectors, and lattice. He has four vertical pipes spaced out accordingly and connected horizontal pipes with T connectorsand 90 degree connectors. He then added the lattice with zip ties.


Dog Run Made With Pipes and Lattice


Peter's puppy is smaller so he didn't need a large dog run, but if he wanted to expand it he could make the back wall section larger and the connections would stay the same. This dog run idea is a great use of Maker Pipe! Thanks for sharing Peter!


DIY Goat Trailer

DIY Goat Enclosure Gate


John shared his custom trailer that transports goats for his business Goats of Dover. He was looking for an affordable way to transport his goats that still looked professional. He achieved this by using Maker Pipe and conduit for the frame and refinishing salvaged pallet wood for the walls.


DIY Trailer Goat Enclosure


He took his base aluminum trailer and added the the enclosure to it. The frame consists of 3/4" EMT conduit and mostly T connectors for the pipe fittings. He then added wire shelves and pallet wood on top of those for the side panels. He wanted to achieve a farm on wheels and he said it turned out exactly how he wanted. It looks great, thanks for sharing John!


DIY Indoor Bike Rack

DIY Indoor Bike Rack


Next up is a build submitted to us through email. Justin wanted an adjustable bike racksolution for indoors. It looks like he used black iron or galvanized pipe mounted to the wall with flanges. He then used T connectorsand conduit for the adjustable part. He can slide the T connectors to the desired positions on the vertical pipe. It looks fantastic and works exactly how he wanted.


DIY Boat Railing and Sun Shade

DIY Boat Railing and Shade


Next up is Martin's dream boat. He originally posted this boat a few weeks ago and is now giving us an update on the project. Martin is building this boat to complete a boating adventure from Lake Michigan all the way to the Gulf of Mexico!

Since his last post he has added some more railings with conduit and Maker Pipe clamps. He added a solar panel to the top of the center console. On the sides of the boat he has added more panels to the conduit rails. It is coming along nicely, and we wish Martin the best on his adventure!


DIY Boat Solar Panel


As a bonus he shared his DIY bike trailer. We built a bike trailer similar to this one a couple of years ago for our kickstarter campaign. Ever since that bike cart we did people have asked how me mounted the wheels.


Custom Bike Cart


We used custom 3D printed parts, but Martin drilled out plates and added bolts through the conduit. He added some nice bends to the cart and it looks awesome. He uses it for deliveries and courier services. Thanks for sharing your builds Martin!


DIY Shamrock T Top Support

T Top Support Braces


Tom's '73 Shamrock boat already had a T Top installed, but it was poorly designed according to Tom. He said the supports began to crack in a wind storm as you can see in the pictures. To fix this he sleeved the pipes that cracked and then used T connectors and conduit to add braces to the frame.


DIY T Top Support Braces


With the sleeved pipes and Maker Pipe braces he was able to add strength and rigidity to the sun shade without having to weld or do any major modifications. Thanks for sharing Tom, we are happy it's working well for you now.


DIY Lifetime Chair Cart

DIY Lifetime Chair Cart


The last build for this weeks episode is Thomas' lifetime chair storage cart. Lifetime chairs are a popular fold able chair used for events and gatherings. Storage carts for these chairs can be expensive so Thomas made his own. 

He made and H structure with one end taller than the other for the chairs to lean against. He added the horizontal pipes using 90'sand T connectors. These cross pipes are what the chairs rest on.


Rolling Lifetime Chair Cart


He finished off the build with castersso he could move the cart around when it was loaded down with chairs. It looks practical and gets the job done. Thanks for sharing Thomas!



That's all the builds we have for this week, and we want to thank everyone for submitting their finished projects. The video version of this episode will be listed below and on our Maker Pipe YouTube channel. Thanks for reading and happy building!