June 28, 2021 3 min read

Maker Pipe Monday - 53


Every Monday we take a look at builds community members have submitted through our community page, social media, email, and reviews on the website. We feature them in a series called Maker Pipe Monday. This week we have 7 builds shared by members of the community. Let's get to it! 


DIY Hop Trellis


DIY Hop Trellis Post


 Keith likes to brew beer at home and is growing grapes as well as a special variety of hops for it. These plants are capable of growing 20 to 30 feet high, but because a 30 foot structure is a bit impractical, he built this trellis with conduit, T Connectors, and 45 Degree Connectors. He built it in front of his grape arbor to save some space, and it also allows the plants to grow through the grapevine. Look at how much they've grown in 2 months! Thanks for posting, Keith! 


DIY Store Display 


DIY Store Display


This basket display was built by KLN Studios in NYC for Tiina the Store. Made out of black conduit, T Connectors, 4 Way Connectors, 180 Degree Connectors, and 90 Degree Connectors, this build has done a great job of pushing the boundaries of what Maker Pipe can be used for. There's also a black iron pipe on the side holding a few accessories. This is a beautiful space and display. Thanks for sharing! 


 DIY Deck Awning


DIY Deck Awning


Paul modeled this deck awning with Maker Pipe Minis before starting the actual build. He attached one side to his house with two-hole straps. The other side, the lower side, was attached to the deck with conduit and angled with T Connectors. With a covering it'll be a great place to sit outside. Thanks for posting, Paul! 


DIY OneWheel Rack


DIY OneWheel Rack


If you haven't heard about OneWheels, they're basically electric skateboards with, well, one wheel. They can be a lot of fun and a great way to travel, but once you're done riding them, they can be hard to store because they're bulky and a bit awkward. Karl solved this problem by building an awesome OneWheel rack that also serves as a place to store helmets, charge the OneWheels, and has some extra storage. Not only did Karl post an amazing in-depth look at how he built this rack, he provided instructions for other racks that hold more OneWheels as well. You can find that here. This rack was built with conduit, T Connectors, 90 Degree Connectors, 180 Degree Connectors, 45 Degree Connectors, and end caps. Thanks, Karl! 


DIY Curtain Rods 


DIY Curtain Rod Holders


Maker Pipe was found in the wild!  John, a community member, found this video from DIYfferent. The creators are converting a bus into a living space and used our T Connectors to make a neat curtain rod setup, using curtain rod holders to hold the conduit pipes. Thanks to DIYfferent for talking about us and John for finding the video! 


DIY Disc Golf Cart


DIY Disc Golf Caddy


 This disc golf cart  was made by Andrew, who took inspiration from another popular disc cart build that was posted last year and made one custom built for his own needs. He used Zuca disc cart foam wheels with a 1/2" steel rod and used a Zuca large backpack top for the lid. It's always great to see members of the community inspiring each other to create builds in unique ways. Thanks, Andrew! 


DIY Kayak Cart


DIY Kayak Cart


Speaking of inspiration, Aksel, who's really enjoys kayaking in SC, made this kayak cart using Nancy's design to fit his own needs for his kayak. He made a video going into more detail and gave a shoutout to Nancy for the design inspiration. Aksel has been a great part of the community lately and we're glad to have him. Thanks for posting! 




Seeing all of the great builds that have been shared with us is the highlight of our week, and we look forward to what the community will do in the future. If you'd like to share your own project you can do so via email at info@makerpipe.com, social media with #makerpipe, and you can of course post it to the Maker Pipe Connect community page. Thanks and happy building! 


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