August 05, 2020 2 min read

Easy DIY Soccer Goal

Today we are going to show you with just a few Maker Pipe connectors, a cheap soccer net, and some conduit you can build this easy DIY soccer goal and add some summer fun for the whole family!


Soccer net

(4) 10 ft sticks of 3/4" EMT conduit


Step 1: Cut & Measure

Pipe measuring illustration

Pipe cutting illustration


For the build we need 8 total pipes. If you are using the net we linked then you can use these measurements, but if you decide on a larger or smaller net keep in mind you will need more/less conduit and different lengths. The easiest way to cut the conduit is with this metal pipe and tube cutter.

The 8 pipes we need are

  • (2) 6 foot pipes
  • (2) 4 foot pipes
  • (2) 34" pipes
  • (2) 55" pipes

 Step 2: Connect the 4ft pipes to One of the 6ft Pipe

Start by laying one of the 6 foot pipes on the ground and add the two 4 foot pipes vertically using the t connectors.

Soccer Goal first step

Step 3: Add 4ft Pipes Vertically with T Connectors

Add a t connector pointed up on each end of the 4 foot pipes, and add the two 34 inch pipes vertically inside the T’s we just installed.

Vertical T connector install

4 foot vertical pipe install

Step 4: Raise the Goal and Add the Connecting Pipes

Raise the goal up so the 34 inch pipes are flat on the ground. Add the final 6 foot pipe connecting it to the two 34 inch pipes. Clamp down with the t and tighten fully.

Raising the Soccer Goal Upright

Connecting the pipes together with the last 6ft pipe

Close up of T connection

Step 5: Add the Vertical Support Pipes

Now lower the goal to the original position so we can add the vertical support pipes. Add a t connector loosely on the bottom as close to the preexisting connectors as possible.

Adding the angled support pipes

Step 6: Add the two Final T's to the Support Pipes

Close up of angled t install

Completed goal

Step 7: Add & Secure the Net

The net we linked from amazon came with instructions and included velcro straps to secure the net to the frame. In case you get a different net I will explain the easiest way to attach it to the frame. Start by adding the top two corners followed by the corners directly below. I used two straps on each corner like this to make sure it was secure. Add straps to the back corners on the bottom, and the fill in the gaps with the remaining straps.

corner net installation

Bottom corner net securing

Filling in the gaps with velcro


Just like that you have an easy summer project that will add fun for the whole family! If you want a printable pdf version of the instructions follow this link.