August 10, 2020 3 min read

7 Awesome Pipe Projects Made with Pipe - Maker Pipe Monday - 008

Happy Monday Makers! My name is Dave and I am one of the owners here at Maker Pipe. It’s time for another episode where we go over all the community builds that have been posted throughout the last week. On to the builds!

First up is this backyard paradise which is amazing. He used Maker Pipe and these sail shades to create these canopies.

Back deck sail shade coverings

He has three total shades covering the back deck and it came out fantastic. He had a wooden structure already built and then he added the pipe structure on top of it.

Elevated cover using the T conduit connector

That gives it a really cool effect allowing daylight to come in through the sides. He used the T conduit connectorto elevate the shades and some chains for added security. It looks phenomenal and we really appreciate Kenji sharing that in the community.

Next build featured this week was from Steve, he had a problem with squirrels getting into his tomato plants. This is a problem as old as gardening itself. He created this structure out of Maker Pipe and conduit and wrapped it all the way around with chicken wire. He used some cool techniques like the 90 degree connectors in the corners.

Tomato plant enclosure

He then took more 90’s and flipped them which allowed the through pipe to run continuously.

Enclosure door

He even added a door that allows him access to the tomatoes. It looks great and the tomatoes are safe! Thanks for sharing Steve.

Next build is by Jason, he’s got a vintage VW Camper van and he created this awning that comes out of the front of the camper van.

VW van awning

He made it out of conduit and it looks really cool. He used the van’s original awning with the 70’s pattern and this wavy fringe on the bottom. I love the cooler and chair set up he has going on. Thanks for sharing it looks awesome. 

Next build is by Jake, he made this pipe desk for his home office. He used all T connectors and covered the pipes with black wrap.

Pipe desk with shelf and storage

Some of the neat things he did are the over hang on the front by putting a vertical pipe farther back from the front corner. He also incorporated this shelf that holds the custom PC and everything else he needs. It looks great and I am glad this build was posted. Thanks for sharing!

Next one we have is by Olive, this is a really unique one. This is a tapestry loom that they made out of Maker Pipe and conduit which is fantastic. They updated an old design and are really happy with the look of it.

DIY tapestry loom made with pipe

You can see they used T connectors for the corners and then covered the vertical pipe with white wrap and then on the bottom they used T connectors as well with black wrap on the pipes. There’s also a neat thing happening here, looks like there is some sort of threaded rod adjustment used to get the right tension for their loom.

DIY tapestry loom without string

It came out awesome and we are appreciative of the post Olive. I’m pretty sure this is the first loom we’ve seen out of Maker Pipe. Thanks for sharing!

Next up is by Frank, he made this gaming computer desk and it came out fantastic.

Gaming pipe desk

He has the microphone attached and on the bottom he has a custom shelf to hold the gaming computer. It looks like it works great and gets tons of use. We loved seeing this one Frank, thanks for sharing

Last up this week is a build by Kenneth that Kelly shared to the community. He did this center console roof and shade that looks fantastic.

Boat with custom covering made with pipe

He did the conduit with white wrap and did a lot of bends which I am a big fan of. I geek out when people use a bender to get some sleek angles. Looks like he used some custom mounting blocks that mount to the center console of the boat.It looks so professional, and it is hard to tell it’s not designed and sold with the boat. Thanks for sharing the build Kenneth.

Dave signing off

That’s all the builds we have for this week. If you enjoyed this episode check out our recent blogs for more customer build showcases. Also if you want to see the video episodes you can find them here. If you want to be featured head on over to the Maker Pipe community and share your projects. Thanks so much, we will see you next time!