August 04, 2020 6 min read

July Build of the Month Submission Round-Up

Good Monday makers! We've got a great episode for you this week. We are doing a Round-Up of all the build of the month submissions. If you haven't heard build of the month is our monthly contest where everyone submits their build and tags them #MakerPipeBOTM. (Watch the video here)

Dave introduction

At the end of the month the community votes for their favorite and the winner gets a Maker Pipe swag pack including a t-shirt, hardware belt, $50 gift certificate, and a badge to display in the community. 

BOTM prize pack

The first one we've got is by our friend Heavies Culture, they made this three-tiered surfboard rack which came out fantastic.

DIY custom surfboard rack

It's on wheels so they can roll around their garage. They used a few different things here, 45 degree connectors for the poles that hold the boards, and then they did this bracing in the bottom with a bent 90 degree piece of conduit which is really cool. They added the caster kit down on the bottom.

Caster kit for 3/4" EMT conduit

They are good for adding motion to your build. It looks really cool and we appreciate the submission.

Next one we've got is by Max who is a user experience designer and his parents needed a whisky shelf utilizing some reclaimed wood. He decided to make it out of conduit and Maker Pipe. Here's his before hand rendering of the design.

Reclaimed wood diy conduit shelf

Here is the final product.

DIY whiskey shelf made out of reclaimed wood

He's got all these shelves for the whiskey bottles and then he used black wrap over the conduit to give it that nice clean look. He's even using the extra bottom space for a dog bed. Thanks for the submission Max!

Here we see James submission to the build of the month contest. It is a duck blind for a pontoon boat.

Pontoon boat duck blind

He's got his pontoon boat that needed a duck blind to be a certain size to fit his specific boat. He did a great job where he created the frame out of Maker Pipe and conduit attached to the boat. He's got a tall side and short side, and then covered it with local vegetation which gives it some great camouflage.

Pontoon boat woth vegetation camoflouge

He says it's working great and we really appreciate the submission.

Next is from our friend Gary, he is a father to a daughter and son who are in the marching band. He volunteered to create props for the marching band performance. He made a series of Tiki-Huts with a Maker Pipe frame with Tiki wood around the outside to complete the look.

DIY marching band tiki huts and volcano

The huts came out fantastic and he also built this volcano which is just insane. He’s got a picture here of it erupting.

Marching band volcano eruption

It is a very cool project and looks like it turned out great. Thanks for sharing Gary!

Tony made a blueberry enclosure to protect his blueberries from birds. What he did was pretty cool, he took the traditional hoop frame where you bend a piece of pipe or conduit.

Blueberry patch protective cage

This is usually used in greenhouses, but he made it with a Maker Pipe frame and sidewalls so it's kind of a hybrid approach. it came out great, he's got five different hoops along the top, and he braced around the pipe. In between each one of them he has the walls coming down. It looks like he used 90 degree connectors on the corners.

Blueberry patch cage connector close up

Also some 45 degree connectors and possibly some 180’s. Looks awesome and keeps the blueberries safe. He said it's been up over a year and it’s holding up well. Great job, we really appreciate you submitting it to the contest Tony!

Here is a build from Steven, he made this custom boat lift enclosure. You can see the top of it was already there and he created the sides to add a little bit more weather protection for the boat.

Boat dry dock enclosure

He made panels out of conduit and Maker Pipe connectors wrapped in shade cloth. He did that all the way around and he's even got a door on the side.

Boat dock side panels with door

Here are some interior shots he shared in his post.

Dock shade interior shot

He did a custom angle to fit what he already had a structure and this is another builder that we checked in to see how it's doing and he said it is fantastic and it’s held up over a year. Thanks for the submission Steven!

Next one is by Ryan, he made a whole studio setup out of conduit. He needed something to hold his cameras, monitors, and different things for filming. He did it all out of maker pipe and conduit.

Custom photo/video studio set up

You can see the structure come up high and then he's got this forward facing camera here with the wires zip-tied to the conduit to keep them out of the way.

Zip tie cable management

He's got his camera facing forward with the monitor to check out the output, and two overhead camera rigs for a top-down shot. There are three different monitors and lights. Really fantastic job and it looks like it did the trick thanks so much for submitting it.

Jerry did a a CNC machine frame out of conduit with “MPCNC project” which stands for “mostly printed CNC project”. They're an open source project with a number of 3D printed connectors that allow you to make an inexpensive CNC machine out of conduit and 3D printed parts.

MP CNC frame out of conduit

You can use it for all kinds of things. We met these guys way back at Maker Faire in New York City and I've been following the project since then. We made a camera slider with their project for the first Kickstarter. It's an awesome project, and Jerry took Maker Pipe parts for the overall frame that holds it all together with the Machine itself. Then he took conduit and Maker Pipe in these cross-braces to hold his work surface, and even went as far as to hold the different rails on the X and Y axes to the verticals to make it a little bit sturdier than the 3D printed parts.

Maker Pipe frame for CNC

I Love that project, and I love to see what you did Jerry thanks so much for submitting.

Moving on to the next one, Mike built a handrail for a Solo Skiff. A Solo skiff is this personal boat where it's got a trolling motor and swivel chair.

Solo skiff with custom grab rail

Looks like he uses it mostly for fishing and you've got this front area that is a bit precarious if you're in rough waters. He made this handrail on the front it was incredibly simple and looked to be really effective. Now he can hold on and can get his footing while he's fishing. Really simple but super effective and we loved seeing it thanks so much for submitting it to the contest.

No we've got Christopher’s fire pit and wind barrier surround. This is one heck of a backyard fire pit!

Custom backyard fire pit and wind barrier

He built a Maker Pipe frame with the verticals and then attached them with T connector conduit fitting. Next he’s got the horizontal pipes going all the way around and it looks like he drilled into the rocks to give it a strong foundation. Then he took some great panels that he made out of wood and attached them to the frame using one hole straps.

Fire pit conduit secured with one hole straps

He painted them black and made this whole thing out of Maker Pipe and wood panels. It looks like a beautiful place to relax and we really appreciate you sharing.

Custome fire pit lit up at night

Next we have Prodigal Green’s huge greenhouse. It's 24 ft by 15 ft by 8ft, and they did a combination of wood timber and Maker Pipe connectors. Here are some photos where you can see the structures that are covered in plastic and what's green are the walls built out of wood.

DIY greenhouse built with wood and conduit

The whole roof structure is made out of Maker Pipe. They took a few different connectors to bring up the back and then attach them with 90 degree connectors at the top. It’s longer than 10 feet so they had to use the 180 degree connector to join those long lengths. They used some cool techniques like the cross braces with the 45 degree connector, and they even incorporated a steel wire to strengthen it.

DIY greenhouse roof built with conduit and Maker Pipe

Also some pins through the conduit pieces that go through the connectors. Phenomenal build, and they said it holds up to the weather. It’s awesome, thanks so much for the contest entry.

That is all the entries for July. If you missed your chance this month don't worry we're going to be doing this every month. Just tag #MakerPipeBOTM in your post on the Maker Pipe Connect community. I look forward to seeing your build and I want to thank everybody for entering. At the end of the month the community will vote on their favorite. If you like content like this we would love for you to subscribe to our YouTube channel here. We have some cool things coming soon and would love for you to be a part of it. Thanks so much, see you next time!