September 28, 2020 3 min read

9 DIY Pipe Building Hacks For EMT Conduit

Conduit is a great building solution for your DIY project because it is inexpensive and easy to cut. We love seeing all the ingenious hacks that our customers come up with so we compiled a short list of some of our favorites. Below are 9 tips and tricks that you can use in your next project.


#1 - Rubber Chair Tips

Custom Work Station Build


These 7/8" rubber chair tips are an easy, cheap, and effective way to protect your flooring, keep the structure from sliding, and add a clean finish to your build. They are available at Lowes or Home Depot and they come in clear, white, and black.


7/8" Rubber Feet Installation

#2 - Plumbers Pipe Foam

DIY Kayak Rack


Another simple and cheap hack is using this plumbers pipe insulation foam around conduit to protect valuable items like kayaks. You can pick some up in the plumbing section of almost every hardware/home improvement store. The 3/4" foam fits around 3/4" EMT perfectly.


Plumbers Pipe Insualtion Foam

#3 - One Hole or Two Hole Straps

One Hole Strap


If you need to secure a shelf, desk top, or anything similar to your conduit build you have a few options. Two of our favorites are these off the shelf conduit straps. They are located in the same aisle as conduit. One hole strapsare best used when you want the strap to blend in with the pipes. Two hole strapshave two points of contact with the material you are attaching so they are a bit more secure.


 #4 - Metal Ring And S Hook

Metal Rings and S Hooks


You can add metal rings to your horizontal pipes to add hanging storage. Make sure the ring has a larger diameter than conduit and slide them on to the pipes. Add s hooks to each ring and you have simple hanging storage.


Metal Ring and S Hook

#5 - Metal Stake

Metal Stake


When building a structure outside that needs to be sturdy and stay in position you can add a metal stake to the ground. Your local home improvement store offers various lengths to choose from. Once you have your metal stake just hammer it into the ground and slide the conduit pipes over top of it.


Conduit Over Metal Stake

#6 - Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium Magnets


You can organize tools or other metal objects by adding neodymium magnets to the pipes. Stick them on the desired position and add your objects. It can be annoying when pulling the objects off because the magnets may come off with them. An easy fix for this would be super gluing the magnets on to the pipes.


Tools Hanging On Magnets

#7 - Removable Grip Clips

Grip Clips


Grip Clipsare used to store brooms and other items that fit into them. The clips also snap perfectly on to 3/4" EMT conduit. Add the clips to your desired material and you have a simple and removable shelf etc.


Grip Clips On Conduit

#8 - Threaded Pipe Inserts

Threaded Snap Pipe Inserts


You can use one hole and two hole straps to mount boards to your project, but another option are these threaded inserts. They hammer into the pipe and allow for a bolt to be threaded into the conduit. You can use this hack to mount boards or plates to your conduit structure.


Bolt Threaded Into Insert

#9 - Conduit Hangers

Wagon With Conduit Hangers On the Side


Conduit hangers are another off the shelf item that electricians use in their professional applications. They can also be used for your DIY project. You screw the hanger into the material that the conduit hangs from then add the pipe and tighten the supplied bolt.


Conduit Hangers Being Installed


These are just a few of the hacks we have seen from customer builds and our own projects. Be on the lookout for more hacks like this in the future. If you want to see the video we did on these hacks check it out below and subscribe for more videos in the future. We hope these tips and tricks help you with your next DIY pipe build! If you need some help with your project you can contact us here.
Thanks for reading and happy building!