September 21, 2020 4 min read

5 Creative DIY Projects Built With Conduit

Good Monday Makers! Episode 13 of Maker Pipe Monday is here featuring really creative pipe projects including a DIY lawn tractor collection system, pick up truck kayak rack, toy hauler awning, quail and rabbit enclosure, and a sign frame used for TedX Greenville. Lets get into the builds!

 Dave Introduction


DIY Lawn Mower Collection System

DIY Lawn Tractor Leaf Collection


First up this week is Robert's lawn tractor collection system. He found the complete system minus the frame in the trash. The hose comes out from the side and drops the leaves into bins in the back. He had the bins and the hose but needed a structure to mount the bins to the mower. He used lumber attached to the bottom of the mower with drilled holes for conduit that can sit down into the lumber.


Lumber and Conduit Collection Frame


He built a frame out of conduit and Maker Pipe using 90 degree connectors, T connectors, and 45 degree connectors. Another cool thing he did was flatten the conduit so he could bolt the top of the frame to the mower. Once the frame is secured the bins rest on the frame nicely as you can see in the picture.


Almost Fully Assembled Lawn Tractor

Here it is fully assembled minus the lids and it looks like it works great. A good example of the classic saying, one man's junk is another man's treasure! Thanks for sharing Robert


DIY Kayak Hauler

DIY Kayak Bed Rack


Next up is Todd's removable kayak hauler. He built this rack because he needed a way to mount the kayaks higher up in the bed so he could fit camping gear underneath. To do this he built a rectangular frame using 90 degree fittings for the corners and T fittings for the connecting pipes. He braced the structure with 45 degree fittings.


Kayak Bed Rack Frame DIY


You can see he uses straps to secure the frame in place and then he mounted and secures the kayaks at the top here. We see quite often with these DIY storage racks that people protect their belongings with foam padding, usually either pool noodles or plumbing pipe foam.


Pipe Foam Great For DIY Projects

That's exactly what he did here with his. He sets the kayaks on top of the foam to keep them from getting scuffed up, then secures them with bungee cords. He said he went on a weekend trip recently and it worked exactly how he needed it to. We always love hearing the success stories where a builder has an idea and they are able to accomplish it using Maker Pipe. Thanks for sharing Todd!


DIY Toy Hauler Canopy

Toy Hauler Deck Canopy


Here is Jonathan's Toy Hauler deck awning. A toy hauler is exactly that, a way to transport different toys and they have a garage built in. Todd's toy hauler is unique because he made a deck for his. You can see here he wanted a good place to sit and relax.


DIY Toy Hauler Deck Canopy


After he built the deck he wanted to add some shade so he came up with this DIY awning that covers the deck. For the frame he used 90 degree connectorsand T connectors.He also came up with the idea for a quick release system of the pipes. You often see with store bought canopies the spring buttons that lock the structure in place.


Quick Disconnect Tent Snap Buttons

He wanted something like that for his so he found these buttons and secured them to smaller diameter pipe so they slide into conduit and lock into place. It is a really creative hack that turned out awesome. Thanks for sharing Jonathan, great looking build!


DIY Quail & Rabbit Enclosure

DIY Pet Enclosure


DIY pet enclosures are a great pipe build. Antonio's custom indoor Quail and Rabbit enclosureis a great example. He had some wire shelving components that he mixed with conduit, and Maker Pipe. He ran 4 vertical pipes using the wire shelf pipes that have wheels attached. He then used 90 degree connectors to create the the levels for the animals.


DIY Bird Cage

Once he had the levels set up he could hang the enclosures from the pipes. He used black shrink wrap to clean up the look of the pipes and it turned out great! Thanks for sharing Antonio!


DIY TedX Greenville Sign

DIY TedX Sign


Our last build this week is from Joey Loman who runs the Synergy Mill Maker Space here in Upstate South Carolina. He has been a supporter of Maker Pipe since the kickstarter days and we appreciate all of his support.

He also runs the TedX Greenville every year and he needed a way to transport and display the TedX letters for the stage sign. Every year he comes up with a new way to make the build more efficient. In case you don't know Maker Pipe connectors are reusable pipe fittings that can be taken apart and re assembled as many times as you want.


Sign Frame Built With Conduit


Joey usually takes advantage of this feature, but actually used the connectors on another build so he picked up some more. This years version uses 10 T connectors as you can see here.


DIY Pipe Sign Frame Painted Black


We can always count on Joey for a unique idea. He used these french cleat hangers that are usually used to hang tools and other things, but he used them upside down so they rest on the conduit. This allows you to move and space the letters accordingly.


French Cleat Sign Mount

Thanks again Joey for all the support and nice work on this years TedX sign!



We want to say thank you to everyone who shares their builds through email, social media, or in the community. We love seeing what you come up with and what you use Maker Pipe to build. If you want to see the video version of this episode it will be linked below. Thanks for reading and Happy building!