January 11, 2021 3 min read

Getting Creative and Organized With Maker Pipe


Maker Pipe


Every week we take a look at customer projects that have been shared with us through social media, email, our community page, and reviews on the website, and feature these builds in a YouTube series called Maker Pipe Monday. This week we have 5 builds shared by makers in the community! Let's get to it! 


 DIY Shop Tool Organizer


DIY Shop Tool Organizer


The first post is by @breakfixmake, who posted his homemade workbench tool organizer on Instagram. The main frame is made out of conduit, T-Connectors and 45 Degree Connectors, then he added plywood to create shelves and areas for different tools. The organizer has a place for his toolbox, brushes, drills, measuring tapes, and more. Be sure to check out his Instagram, as it has many DIY projects worth checking out. This is a very cool and useful build, and we're glad it was shared with us. Thanks, Chris! 


DIY Solar Bike Trailer


DIY Solar Bike Panel Trailer


Next up we have a solar bike panel trailer, created and posted to the community page by another Chris! He built the structure onto his bike trailer with conduit, T Connectors, and 180 Degree Connectors. He tested it's security with a 40-pound bag of dog food, then added the panel. The panel itself, which is a Renogy 175 watt panel, is able to tilt from side to side with an actuator. Chris originally tried using 3d printed parts to connect the conduit, then found Maker Pipe. We're glad it worked out well, and thanks for sharing! 


DIY Duck Blind 


DIY Foldable Duck Blind


The next build is by Daniel, who built a foldable duck blind for his boat and showed the process on his YouTube channel, DIYeasycrafts. He built a frame out of conduit, T Connectors, and 180 Degree Connectors. The foldable parts of the frame were built using 1/4" PVC and T Connectors, with the size of the PVC allowing the connector to pivot. He then spray painted the frame and wire-tied to the grass to it. The frame was mounted on the boat with plastic connectors, allowing for removal in the summer. 

Daniel's channel is worth checking out, as he has many DIY videos and a couple of videos with Maker Pipe, where he does a great job of explaining how the connectors work. Good luck in your hunting Daniel, and thanks for posting! 


DIY Wood and Material Organizer


DIY Wood and Material Organizer


Our last project this week is an organizational rack for wood and other shop materials. This build was posted in a review for the T connector by Steven. It's a frame made out of conduit and T Connectors that has a space for shorter pieces of wood as well as a space for longer pieces, with a metal grid on top of the frame. 

An interesting thing to note is that the conduit Steven used was about .2 inches smaller than standard conduit. Conduit sold by stores like Lowes and Home Depot is most often the standard size, but if you run into problems with the fit of the connector, it might be worth measuring the size of your conduit if you're able to do so. Steven was able to use friction bands to fix the problem. The build is a simple but great way to organize materials. Thank you for the review! 




Another great week of builds, and we appreciate everyone sharing them with us. If you have a project to share you can do so through email at info@makerpipe.com, or social media with the #makerpipe hashtag, and of course you can share on the Maker Pipe Connect community page. If you want to see the video version of this weeks showcase it will be listed below. Thanks and happy building!