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Furniture will always be an essential part of daily living. And it needs to look great, even if the materials used are just wood and EMT conduit.


You can construct stunning shelves and furniture using a combination of these two materials. 


But you can also elect to use metal pipes exclusively. 


To build amazing DIY pipe furniture, you need a certain level of welding and joinery skills.


However, some fittings and pipes are designed to make your projects feel easier and lots of fun.


But, you go this route when you want to achieve an industrial look. This post presents a couple of structural pipe ideas to start you off on the right track with you DIY furniture projects.


First Things First: Obtaining the Right Building Materials for your Pipe Furniture Project


You should have all the required materials right off the bat. That prevents a situation where you keep going back and forth between the hardware shop and your workspace to fetch supplies.


So get a pen and paper and note down every little thing you'll need for the job. 


Maybe you intend to construct shelves, a coffee table, a workbench, a log holder, or whatever your imagination can conceive.


Regardless of what it is, you'll require most or all of the following items:



We carry all most of these materials, and you can take a look here to get started.


Assembling these materials into beautiful objects don't require exceptional skills. Nor does it require you to use any special tools. But you'll need a pair of capable hands that can get things done. 


For a full guide on getting started with your DIY pipe furniture project,check out our Quick Start guide here.


What Can Creativity and Easily Available Materials Produce?


Building furniture to rejuvenate your interiors isn't as intimidating as you probably think. It's not difficult to organize ideas, pipes, screws, wood, elbows, and tees into great-looking furniture made from EMT conduit.


The beautiful thing about DIY pipe furniture?


Your furniture will look simple, original, and captivating all at the same time.


Pipe furniture also makes a clear statement to your guests — that you have a unique sense of style and know-how to convert your ideas into finished projects. Don't be surprised if you get requests to build pipe furniture from your family and friends!


Structural Pipe Furniture Ideas You Can Easily Build at Home


Using the materials listed above, you can make quite a few pieces of simple yet amazing furniture.


You can build:


  • A coffee table
  • A bed frame
  • Pipe shelves
  • Clothes racks
  • A workbench for your garage 


Your Imagination is the Only Limiting Factor


Of course, you can make a lot more things that are not listed here. In fact, about the only thing that could limit you is your imagination. 


Let's look at the ideas suggested above a bit more closely.


Who knows, you might find the inspiration you seek right here.


Here are some DIY pipe furniture projects you can complete without spending a small fortune. 


A Sturdy DIY Workbench for the Garage


diy pipe work bench maker pipe


Ready to organize a custom tabletop, EMT pipe, and pipe fittings into a sturdy garage workbench?


You can use the usual fittings that have threads. Alternatively, you may use our mixed kit.


It contains all sorts of connectors you'll ever need to complete your projects.


It includes 45 degree, 90 degree, 180 degree, and T connectors that make joining EMT conduit a breeze.


Slide these connectors over EMT pipes and then secure everything using the set screws. These connectors give you flexibility just in case you want to make an adjustment or two. 


Here's another reason to use our structural pipe fittings. They make it possible to build your workbench without needing to cut anything. Once you're done with the frame, add your tabletop, and that's it! You're aiming for something like this


A DIY Pipe Coffee Table


diy pipe coffee table maker pipe


You most likely have a coffee table, but owning one more won't hurt. Or you're tired of seeing the same old table and are looking to introduce a bit of freshness to your home's living area. Yes, you can build a pipe coffee table using wood and EMT pipes. The table's frame, in this case, would comprise purely of EMT pipe and connectors. 


You'll need to do a bit of measuring and cutting for the dimensions you want. You can choose to use standard legs. If you pick this option, remember to protect your floor by attaching EMT conduit caps to the legs.


And if you like, you can go for legs with casters.


A mobile coffee table isn't such a bad idea!


Once you're done with the pipe frame, join it with your custom tabletop, and voilà! An amazing coffee table as one of the mainstays of your living area!


Make a Pipe Bed Frame


diy modular pipe bed frame maker pipe


Yes, you can easily design and build a pipe bed. You need EMT pipes, flanges, and different types of connectors. You'll also need a few tools including a level, tape measure, and a cordless drill with screwdriver attachment.

Aside from these tools, you may require a circular saw and a pencil. 


First, decide how long, wide, and high from the floor the bed frame should be. Then, take the legs and attach flanges on one end.


You need five legs. You need two legs for the frame's "head" and two for the other end. Also, you need one middle-of-the-frame leg for extra support.


Next, attach each leg and flange to a connector and firmly secure using the set screw. 


Then, join the front legs to the back ones using a EMT pipe. At the same time, attach the middle brace, so it gets supported by the fifth leg. The front legs should extend into your bed's headboard. 


Finally, measure and make the wood slats that'll support the mattress and you're done!


Here's a step-by-step process that someone followed and built a stunning bed frame. 


Easily Manage Your Wardrobe with a Modular Pipe Clothing Rack


structural pipe clothes rack maker pipe



Image Source:

Everyone needs a clothes rack, and most people often buy them instead of building them.


You need connectors, a nail buffer, and pipes. You'll want to buff the rods a bit before assembling them.


Buffing the pipes gives them a smooth, clean appearance that looks perfect for the job they're going to do. 


Adding a wood base is a good idea because it can make the rack sturdier. Plus, you can use it for storing your accessories and even shoes. Alternatively, you can decide just to build the racks using only connectors and pipes.


Take a look at what someone made in just under an hour. 


Structural Pipe Shelves for Easy Organization


maker pipe shelves


It's time to make your kitchen wall reflect a bit of your uniqueness.


Building your shelves is an opportunity to save money, infuse some personality into your spaces, and have fun.


Sure, if you're a beginner, then the project may feel like the most challenging task you've ever completed.


But, it's a lot easier than you imagine. Whether you crave a more contemporary look or a somewhat rustic one, get it done.


Maybe you've moved to a new house, and some of the interior items look ancient. You intend to throw them away.


But, before you demolish that old bookshelf, stop and ponder what else you might do with it.


Why not repurpose it into a better-looking structure using pipes? 


With that reclaimed wood, pipes, and flanges, you should get shelves that look interesting and functional.


Run conduit pipe through the reclaimed shelves, and you're done!


You'll end up with a vertical structure that adds to the amount of useful space you have. Inverted flanges with pipes running through them are positioned at regular intervals, providing support to the shelves. 


modular pipe shelving units maker pipe


Looking for Supplies or a Bit of Advice for Your Next Structural Pipe Furniture Project?


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Whether you want to build pipe shelves, kitchen furniture, interior décor furniture, or clothing racks, we've got you covered. 


We carry pretty much any item you'll need for your modular pipe project.


We provide everything from caster kits, EMT conduits, connectors, and many other items.


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