May 17, 2021 3 min read

5 Practical DIY Projects Made From EMT Conduit 


Maker Pipe Monday


Every Monday, we take a look at the projects that makers in the community have sent in via email, social media, the Maker Pipe Connect community page, and reviews on the website. We feature these in a YouTube series called Maker Pipe Monday. This week we have 5 great projects, including a greenhouse we've been waiting months to see. Let's get into it! 


DIY Weight Ball Rack


DIY Weight Ball Rack


The build starting us off this week is by Justin, who made a weight ball rack for the gym he manages. These balls are definitely heavy, and there's a lot of them, and the previous rack just wasn't doing the trick, so Justin decided to build a better one. 


DIY Weight Ball Rack 2


He used 90 Degree Connectorsfor the outside of the rack and 4 Way Connectors in the middle. He also used rubber feet on the ends of the conduit on the bottom. It looks great. Thanks for sending this to us, Justin! 


DIY Patio Privacy Screen


DIY Patio Privacy Sunshade


Our next project is by William, who posted on the community page. He's getting ready for summer and wanted some privacy, so he built this screen for his deck. He made the frame out of EMT and used 180 Degree Connectors, T Connectors, and 90 Degree Connectors to connect it all. He then added a shade screen with zip ties. The screen lasted through snowfall and heavy winds and only lost two ties, so we're glad to see it's holding up well. Thanks for posting, William! 


DIY Water Heater Protection Screen


DIY Water Heater Cage

Hubert has a hot water heater and wanted to both protect people from it and protect it from getting run into and such, so he built a protection screen for it. He built the frame from conduit and T Connectors, and zip tied some vinyl mesh to it. It looks nice and looks like it gets the job done. Thanks, Hubert! 


DIY Garden Soil Storage Shelf


DIY Garden Soil Storage Shelf

Peter is a gardener and needed a way to store his potting soil for spring gardening, so he built this storage shelf. He built a frame out of conduit and T Connectors and added rubber feet. He added a wooden base using one-hole straps. It looks great and we hope it does its job well. Thanks for posting, Peter, and good luck with your gardening!


DIY Shed Style Greenhouse


DIY Shed Style Greenhouse

Last but certainly not least, this build is something we've been waiting for for quite a while. For some background, Ben posted a photo of the frame a while ago, and it gained quite a bit of attention, and many were eager for an update. In a recent update, Ben has posted the completed build. 

The plastic is held to the frame with PVC clips, and a nice door has been added, with a place to latch it and keep it open. The plastic is also able to roll up on both sides with a handle made out of Maker Pipe connectors. We've been waiting for this build and we were definitely not disappointed. Thanks, Ben! 



Seeing all of these great builds is the highlight of our week, and we always look forward to what the community will create next. If you'd like to share a build of your own you can do so via email at, through social media with #makerpipe, and of course through our Maker Pipe Connect community page. The video version of this blog will be listen below. Thanks and happy building!