May 24, 2021 4 min read

5 Metal Conduit Builds That Solve Unique Problems


Maker Pipe Monday

Every Monday we take a look at builds that have been submitted by makers in the community through email, social media, the Maker Pipe Community Page, and reviews on the website. We feature these in a YouTube series called Maker Pipe Monday. This week have 5 clever projects, including a beach fishing cart. Let's get into it!

DIY Truck Cargo Rack With Tailgate


DIY Truck Bed With Tailgate


First up is a cargo rack that was made by Bryan. He made it out of EMT, T Connectors, and 90 Degree Connectors, and he used some endcaps for the conduit as well. He attached it to the existing Yakima rack on his truck bed. 

 DIY Truck Cargo Rack With Tailgate 2


In an update, he showed the rack with heat-shrink tubing he added, as well as more pictures that provide more insight into how the rack was made. He created a really cool tailgate with conduit and Maker Pipe and attached it to the back of the rack with electrical compression fittings, which act as a hinge. The same fittings are used to keep the tailgate closed. He also used our telescoping connectors as pins to lock the tailgate, which is a very interesting use for them. Well done, Bryan, and thanks for posting! 


DIY Deck Railing Restoration

 DIY Dock Restoration


This is a before picture of Joy and Tony's deck in front of their beautiful lake-front home. The railing was made out of wood and was starting to rot and become unsafe. The couple hadn't done many DIY projects before, but they decided to take this one on and it looks great.  


 DIY Deck Railing Restoration 2


They replaced the posts with new versions and added conduit, connecting it with our recently introduced silver connectors. The conduit railing was attached to the posts with set-screw flanges. They also created a cage for the pump. It all looks great! Be sure to look out for our interview with Joy and Tony. Thanks, guys! 


DIY Home Studio Setup


DIY Home Studio Setup


Joey is a Kickstarter backer for Maker Pipe and has been a longtime supporter of us in our endeavors. He also works at the Synergy Mill Maker Space in Greenville, South Carolina, so if you're in the area, be sure to to check out his workshop (we'll be paying him a visit soon, too!). Joey is a videographer and usually films live productions in a studio, but is setting up a new studio at home. We're setting up a studio ourselves for livestreams and videos, and we've learned some useful things from this post. 


DIY Home Studio 2


He used conduit and T Connectors for much of the setup, but he also used quick clamps for the camera mounts. He also used velcro for cord management, which is a useful tip for anyone making a similar setup. It looks great and we hope we'll get to have a peek at it soon! Thanks, Joey! Also, be sure to check out the comments of the post, where Joey and other makers that are very involved in the community discuss different ways to do different things. 

DIY Tomato Cage


DIY Tomato Cage


Bob witnessed his traditional tomato cages falling year after year once his tomato plants bore fruit, until he finally said "No more!" He built this new U-shaped cage  out of EMT, T Connectors, 45 Degree Connectors, and 90 Degree Connectors. It also looks like he'll add chicken wire to it to critter-proof it. It looks great! Thanks for posting, Bob! 


DIY Beach Fishing Cart 


DIY Beach Fishing Cart  

Last but certainly not least, we have a beach fishing cart that was built and posted by Mark. He's a frequent beach fisherman, and he made this beautiful cart specifically for his beach fishing needs. He started with a kayak cart and built off of it, using conduit and T Connectors


DIY Beach Fishing Cart 2 


There's a kickstand at the bottom, made out of what looks like bend conduit pipes. There are rod holders there as well. The cutting board provides support for the mill crate and the rest of the cart is made from conduit, bent in a specific way to hold his cooler and 5 gallon bucket. At the top is a handle, as well as a small piece of pipe that allows the cart to sit evenly on the ground when laying horizontally. This really is an impressive build. Thanks for sharing, Mark! 


Comment of the Week


Comment of the Week


For this week's featured comment, we have a meaningful comment from Monica, on our "Flower Farm Tour | The Story of Granville Lane Farm" video. In the video, we tour an old hog farm that was turned into a beautiful flower farm. Monica says she is always repurposing things her and her neighbors have lying around, much like the owners of the farm, Rick and Sandy. We always love seeing these comments, so keep them coming! 



Seeing all of the great builds that have been shared with us is the highlight of our week, and we look forward to what the community will do in the future. If you'd like to share your own project you can do so via email at, social media with #makerpipe, and you can of course post it to the Maker Pipe Connect community page. The video version of this blog is listed below. Thanks and happy building!