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10 Trellis Ideas Made From EMT Conduit


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It's spring time which means the home gardening build photos are rolling into the community. We have seen some really great diy trellis projects shared recently so we thought it would be good to round up 10 so you can get trellis ideas for your next garden trellis build! You'll find raised garden bed trellises and more below.
Let's get into it!

DIY Square Tube Trellis


DIY Square Tube Trellis


This one make come as a surprise, but we have the photos to prove it works! A community member named Jaime shared this trellis through email. We love when people are able to use materials they have laying to complete their projects. Jaime had square tubing left over from another project and decided to make our connectors work with it using our cheap adapter shims.

DIY Square Tube Trellis With Adapter Shims


Their raised garden bed rests against the wall so they used conduit attached to the wall with these straps then from there used T Connectors to attach the square tubing to the structure. They attached the trellis to their wooden raised garden bed, and finished off the build with netting and lattice on the uprights. Great use of leftover materials and looks like its gonna work out great!


In Ground DIY Garden Trellis


DIY In Ground Garden Trellis


Most of the time garden trellises are combined with raised garden beds, but it isn't always the case. John's cucumber and squash trellis is the perfect example of this. He has been hard at work building the frame for his trellis. He's used metal stakes to secure the verticals in the four corners. He then saved some money by bending the four corners rather than using 90 Degree Connectors there. He then used 45's, 4 Ways, and T Connectors to brace the structure. It looks great and we can't wait to see the trellis finished and overflowing with cukes and squash!


DIY Grow Pond Trellis


DIY Grown Pond Trellis


Grow ponds allow you to raise vegetables or plants inside of nutrient filled water. They take some work to maintain, but are a fun and interesting way to grow veggies and plants. Nancy shared her grow pond setup with the community, and it looks fantastic. She has five grow ponds all complete with do it yourself trellises.
I really like the way she made the trellises free standing with a single T Connectoron each leg. From there she ran verticals that connect on top with more T's. She finished off the trellis with fencing on the verticals and on the top. They look great, and now she's ready to start growing!


DIY Cucumber Trellis


DIY Cucumber Trellis


This next trellis sent in by Thomas helped produce over 240 cukes! You can see that he has several nice wooden raised garden beds. He built a trellis fence right down the middle using bent conduit, 180 Degree Connectors, and T Connectors.


DIY Cuke Trellis


He said he likes the single trellis in the middle design because it makes for easy picking of his cukes and tomatoes. It looks fantastic and worked like a charm to get over 240 cukes. Here's hoping the next season produces even more!


DIY Lean To Trellis


Lean To Trellis Sketch


Everyone's garden is a different size and configuration which means trellis needs will vary. This builder has a small melon plant that needed some support. They built this simple solution to solve that problem. They drew up a nice sketch with the layout and dimensions in mind.
DIY Lean To Trellis
They staked the verticals into the ground then run two verticals to the top and connected them with T Connectors. From there they ran two pipes to the fence where they secured the trellis with one hole straps. They used pantyhose tied on to the trellis to support the melons. Super simple and solved their problem easily.


DIY Garden Enclosure & Trellis


DIY Garden Bed Enclosure & Trellis


This next home garden needed some extra features to ensure year round veggie protection and growth. Donald lives in New Mexico which has extremely hot summers and freezing cold winters. To combat the elements he built this enclosure that has a light weight row cover cloth to protect the crops during the hot summers, and during the winter he replaces the the cloth with 6 mil plastic. This allows for extended growing periods.
DIY Garden Enclosure
The frame is long and narrow like a hallway. He used T Connectors and 180 Degree Connectors to to build the frame. Then he used metal fencing for the trellis that the climbing crops like beans and cucumbers will use. He made sure to leave 3 openings in the project so he could access the veggies and tend to his garden. Great build and should workout great in the New Mexican climate.


DIY Raised Garden Bed Trellis


DIY Raised Garden Bed Trellis


Next one we've got is Daniel's simple and easy trellis. He has two raised beds that are slightly offset because of an incline so he needed a solution that fit both individually. He made a simple square trellis using 180 Degree Connectors in the middle and T Connectors on the side for the cross pipes. He then added the trellis netting that allows the plants to climb. Both frames are the same design, but mounted separately. They look to be working great as his crops are coming in strong!


DIY Modular Raised Bed Trellis


DIY Modular Raised Garden Bed


Rita's raised bed is unique because she not only used Maker Pipe and EMT Conduit for the trellis, but also for the raised bed itself. She built three separate "modules" that house different crops. She used hay as the walls for the bed to save some money on wood. This design allows you to add modules later on if your garden needs to expand.
DIY Raised Garden Bed Module

She built the trellis into the frame by using a 180 Degree Connector on two of the uprights. From there she added the climbing net for her cukes. She finished off the build by adding a shade cloth over the top of the frame. You could also add plastic to the whole frame and use it as a greenhouse during the winter months. Lots of great ideas in this project!


DIY Freestanding Trellis


DIY Freestanding Garden Trellis


Mark wanted to avoid drilling or attaching a trellis directly into his raised garden beds so he came up with this great freestanding solution. There is a vertical piece of conduit on each side that connects to the stabilizing feet on the bottom using T Connectors and 45 Degree Connectors. Once he was happy with the stability he could add two cross pipes with T Connectors. Now he can add netting and let his veggies grow!


DIY Tomato Trellis


DIY Galvanized Raised Garden Bed


Last but not least is this beautiful tomato trellis shared on Instagram. They made their raised garden beds with galvanized metal roof sheets as the sides instead of wood. I imagine because wood is outrageous right now that metal is a good alternative for raised bed gardening. The Maker Pipe and Conduit trellis is really simple. There are four pipes inserted into the garden soil, and they are connected with 45 Degree Connectors. The back uprights extend a few feet and have two T Connectors at the top to add the bracing from side to side. Now all that's left is the netting that will attach to the two high verticals. Looks great and we can't wait to see how well the tomatoes grow with this set up!



I hope you found these 10 DIY trellis ideas inspiring and informative. We are here to help you finish your project! If you need assistance with designing or building your project feel free to reach out through the contact form, through email at, in our free community forum, or through phone at (843) 245 - 9747. If you want to see this roundup in video form check it out below. Thanks for reading and happy building!