DIY Kayak Cart Kit

Moving kayaks to and from the water can be difficult. Instead of carrying or dragging your boat on the ground, build this simple DIY kayak cart kit to make transport easy!

This DIY kayak cart kit includes the connectors and end caps for the frame only. The other needed materials along with a cut list can be found in the instructions. You can download the instructions for free below or get them with this kit purchase.

This Kit Includes
  • (x5) T Connectors & Hardware
  • (x2) 90 Degree Connectors & Hardware
  • (x4) 45 Degree Connectors & Hardware
  • (x5) 3/4" Rubber Feet
  • Step by Step Instructions
  • Cut & Tool List


Connector Color

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About The Kayak Cart Builder

My name is Aksel and I'm currently enjoying retirement as a “garage engineer” specializing in fishing kayak modifications and tutorials. I enjoy all types of DIY projects and related project problem solving. I received my BSME and worked as a research engineer in the aerospace industry prior to a 20-year career in law enforcement.


Aksel The Builder



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Arthur H. (NJ)
About to build my second

This is my third year using my cart. As I live in NJ, it has been repeatedly submerged in salt water and except for the Harbor Freight wheels beginning to rust, I have no complaints about the quality of this kit at all. My kayak is a wood Chesapeake 17, so not as light as a glassfibre or rotomolded kayak, yet it easily handles rolling my big and heavy kayak half a mile to the water. This cheap and cheerful cart has held up better than commercial carts costing 2 or 3 times more. Is there anything more anybody can ask for?

I am about to build a new one. This cart is a little wide for my kayak, so make sure you measure properly before following the directions blindly. The old one will be going under my Duck Punt, a small sailing boat from the UK. Yes, this cart is that sturdy, able to handle a small sailing punt that weighs a little over 100 pounds.

Ken A. (UT)
Makerpipe is a dream come true!

I purchased the kayak kit as an introduction to what makerpipe offers. It exceeds my expectations! As an electrician I spend plenty of time working with EMT, bending and installing it and I have always wanted a way to use it to build non-electrical projects. Welding isn't a great option with the galvanized surface and the other options I've seen don't look as sturdy or polished. Thanks makerpipe for being my enabler!

Larry H. (NE)

Anyone who is a doit yurselfer, garage engineer is someone I can respect! Being one myself, I can certainly relate to everyday things that require A budget and critical thinking. This design looks to me that it would support any type of kayak design and weight. I have modified my 10 ft kayak with 2 types of iights using pvc and $1 /100 lumin pocket flashlights, rod holders, speaker mounts, out riggers, my own personal design, etc etc. I have been a garage engineer since I was able to work with tools.... so approximately 50 years!
Thanks for your attractive design!