Pipe Fittings for Cannabis & CBD Projects

Maker Pipe specializes in DIY pipe fitting kits that have numerous uses, including in the cannabis industry. Our products help form sturdy trellis that fit neatly above hydroponic tables and also serve as drying racks for the buds on fully grown and harvested plants, thanks to the electrical conduit structures that our fittings hold together.


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Why Should the Cannabis Industry Choose Maker Pipe?

We offer a number of easy to use kits, as well as separate pieces that are designed to help you create and hold sturdy electrical conduit pipe structures together. Electrical conduit allows you to set up your own structures, such as trellises and drying racks, as needed because the pieces are easy to cut down to size. 

The problem comes when you try to attach those pieces of pipe. That’s where our products come into play. Our kits consist of T connectors and are designed to work with ¾ inch electrical conduit. The larger kits, which contain 100 and 300 connectors respectively, as well as upgraded T wrenches, help you hold your pipes together. 

When you add in some of the additional options, like the 45, 90, and 180-degree connectors, you’ll be able to develop the support system that you need to grow and dry your plants. Electrical conduit has all of the required strength, and will easily handle a number of tasks. You just need to find a way to hold it together, and that’s where we come in.

Standard pipe fitting solutions, particularly those sold at the store, work, but not as well as our kits and individual connectors. Those standard options are designed to hold pipe together as electrical wires and other materials flow through them. They have more support from the walls and other devices that they connect to. Putting pipe together to create a trellis or drying rack requires a different solution – one that we’ve developed the answer to.

Wondering how our Maker Pipe kits and connectors work for agriculturalists in the cannabis industry? Here are several case studies. 

Cannabis Industry Case Studies

Our pipe fitting kits have been used by several companies in order to help them properly grow and dry their cannabis plants. Here are several case studies that show them in action.


Item 9 Labs


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Hydroponic tables don’t come with trellises. This leaves them without support for the growing plants, as well as no way to control the water flow that goes to them.



Build a trellis using Maker Pipe fitting products.


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Hydroponic tables are an efficient way to grow cannabis. However, they come with just the table setup, leaving the growers to put everything else into place. Choosing a commercially made trellis to control the flow of water, as well as support the growing plants, can be costly because the solution has to be custom-made. However, with Maker Pipe, the experts at Item 9 Labswere able to devise their own structures that directly met their specifications.

How? Well, a kit from Maker Pipe, such as the standard Maker Kit, consists of 48 T connectors designed to hold pieces of pipe perpendicular to each other. When those connectors are combined with our 90 degree and 4-way connectors, as well as our numerous other options, it’s very easy to develop any configuration. This is just what the experts at Item 9 Labs did.

They needed a trellis for support and to control the flow of water to the plants. Using pipes and our connector systems, they were able to build one that did this double duty. It worked perfectly. 


Half Moon Bay



Similar to that of Item 9 Labs. They needed a trellis to help their cannabis growing operation. Their plants needed support, as well as a reliable, easily controlled, watering system. 



Build a system out of piping and use strong connectors from Maker Pipe to hold everything together. The end results are incredibly useful and sturdy enough to get the job done. 



The growers at Half Moon Bay needed a custom solution to their trellis problem. As with Item 9 Labs, their hydroponic tables didn’t come with support trellises for the plants and the watering systems. Something needed to be done, so they looked to us to find a solution. They used electrical conduit, which is much stronger than PVC pipe. Once they’d sketched out their desired design and cut their piping down to size, they used our Maker Pipe connectors to hold those pipes together. The end result is a trellis that perfectly fits over the hydroponics table, complete with enough space to run water lines through the pipes and down over the plants. Without Maker Pipe, this wouldn’t be as successful as it currently is. 


Drying Racks



The buds harvested from cannabis plants need to be dried before they can be sold to dispensaries. Many commercial drying racks don’t have the strength needed in order to properly support the plants throughout this process. 



Create a drying rack from strong ¾ inch electrical conduit, held together with connectors from Maker Pipe. This drying rack is sturdy enough to hold drying cannabis buds, and it uses our end plugs and caps for an attractive finish. 


drying racks maker pipe cannabis cbd



Commercial drying racks don’t have the right kind of support that the cannabis industry needs in order to properly dry their fully grown and harvested products. PVC pipe is too weak to do the job, and many other options have failed. Thankfully, electrical conduit, particularly the ¾ inch size, when cut down and attached together with Maker Pipe connectors, is strong enough to hold many drying plants.

The cannabis industry is still new in some areas, so growers need to develop custom solutions to their problems, like drying their crops. Thanks to some ingenuity and our innovative products, the growers at this particular business were able to dry their cannabis effectively. Sometimes you need to reach for the best solution, and in this case, it’s Maker Pipe. 

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