T Connector

The T Connector is our most popular and versatile structural pipe fitting. It is designed to natively fit electrical conduit which is readily available at your local hardware store.  The 3/4" and 1" variants will clamp securely to their respective size.The 1/2" connector variant includes two adapter shims for building with 1/2" EMT Conduit. The T fitting allows you to easily connect two pipes at a 90 degree angle or use it as an elbow on the ends of conduit.  You only need a single 5mm hex wrench for the T Connector assembly.

*Hardware is included with each T connector

EMT Conduit Size

T Connector Overview





The T connector consists of two mirrored pieces that interlock together with a puzzle piece design. The two pieces clamp together with one nut and bolt. The clamp design allows you to quickly change a connection while building or remove and reuse the connectors in a future project.The pocket feature locks the nut into place when tightening, this makes for an easy one tool assembly no matter which side the nut is on. Every connector comes with a pre applied friction band that makes connections even more secure.

3/4" EMT Connector Dimensions

T Connector Dimensions

Made in Ameria

T Connector as an elbow


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G.W. (CA)
Project Changer

I have a 30'x50' garden area that must have shade from the summer sun. Previously I built a PVC frame and draped shade cloth over it. PVC does not withstand the intense sun, heavy wind or any amount of snow. Needless to say, it had to be re-built several times over the years. After the latest snowstorm the PVC frame was destroyed again. I needed stronger materials to accomplish this. Wood posts and fencing materials were overkill. In my search I stumbled upon Maker Pipe and the EMT fittings. This quickly appeared to be the solution to my project. The various fittings have allowed me to complete my project. I will post photos later. The 1" EMT framing I built is extremely solid thanks to the heavy duty fittings. Let me add that these products are made in the USA by a USA company! And, when the owner David Schlitter sends you an email asking how your project is going, and personally responds to you, you know his company is the real deal. I am looking forward to my next project. Thanks David!

summer (OH)
Clamps used to fix 2 music stands

Bought 2 T sets in black with clamps and sleeves -worked great

Customer (IN)
Awesome buy!

I purchased 4 90's, 4 T's, and 4 45's to use with some EMT piping to make a light stand for my grow light. Everything went together like planned. I couldn't be more than happy with the finished product.

Kyle P. (VA)
Instrument stand

Here’s a stand I made for my job making music in a military band. People didn’t have a place to put their instruments and this solved the issue. It was very well received and people seem to trust the integrity of the structure, and appreciate how clean it looks. Much better looking than pvc. Couldn’t be happier going with makerpipe to make this happen.