DIY Elevated Dog Bed Kit

If you're looking for a heavy duty elevated dog bed for your wild pup then this easy to build bed is for you. The frame is made with 3/4" EMT Conduit and steel Maker Pipe Connectors . It roughly measures 41" by 30" and is designed to hold the large Coolaroo dog bed replacement cover (not included).

This Kit Includes
  • (x4) 90 Degree Connectors
  • (x4) 3/4" End Caps
  • (x4) 3/4" Rubber Pipe Feet
  • Step by Step Instructions
  • Links To Other Needed Materials
  • Cut & Tool List
Connector Color

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About The Builder

My name is Aksel and I'm currently enjoying retirement as a “garage engineer” specializing in fishing kayak modifications and tutorials. I enjoy all types of DIY projects and related project problem solving. I received my BSME and worked as a research engineer in the aerospace industry prior to a 20-year career in law enforcement.


Aksel The Builder

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
V.T. (TX)
A great project for the kids

The kids and I had a blast building this kit for our dog Bear. He sleeps all day anyway, now he sleeps on this very nice bed instead of the hard floor. He is getting up there in years and really took to it. This option was way cheaper than store-bought and 4 times stronger. Maker Pipe gave me a deal and a great memory with the munchkins. I will buy from here again.

Crystal M. (AK)
Disappointed Customer

Very upset at the support from Maker pipe and the DOG BED "KIT".
Paid for the elevated dog bed kit, thought I would get everything except the conduit. The only thing I received was the connectors. I emailed customer service because I didn't receive the mesh either, they told me the kits are designed for builders to use their connectors. WTF? that's it? A kit is a bunch of items to fully make one item. Also, Maker pipe gives you the option to buy kit with or without conduit, yet I cannot find ANYTHING regarding buying the mesh for the dog bed. I'm frustrated and exhausted because now I'm in just under $100 and still don't have everything. Makerpipe says $66 for total build, No way that is right! And I still have to figure out how to get the mesh for the bed! Not a happy customer at all...

Hi there Crystal. We are really sorry to hear you had a bad experience. We've done our best to make clear what all is included. The 'kit includes' photo and bulleted list explicitly state that the connectors, end caps, and rubber pipe feet are included. We manufacture connectors and not dog beds. However we are providing these kits with instructions to make projects easier for builders. Instead of figuring out how to build it yourself, you get the exact number of connectors that are needed a long with step by step instructions which include 'links to other needed materials' as stated in the bulleted list. I am not sure how much conduit you purchased but the 15 ft of needed pipe would be around $20 in our area. $29.09 plus another $20 for conduit plus $15 for the dog bed would be right around $66. Of course that doesn't include shipping and taxes (varies where you are located). In the digital instructions there is a direct link to the exact dog bed needed. If you have paper instructions, the brand name and title of the mesh needed are listed (Coolaroo large dog bed cover). We are more than happy to return the unused kit for a full refund if you'd like to send everything back. Please let us know if you have any questions or need anything in the future.