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Storage and serving space can be hard to come by during the holidays if you are hosting the celebrations at home. But with a few simple structural pipe builds for the holidays you can have plenty of space for your holiday spread and festive décor. Here are three pipe builds for the holidays that are sure to make your party a success.


diy structural pipe bar cart maker pipe

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1. Pipe Bar Cart

A good selection of beverages is the key to a successful holiday bash, and a pipe leg serving cart not only makes a stylish addition to any living area but also allows you to ensure all your guests can enjoy your festive holiday drinks no matter where they are in your home. This amazing pipe build for the holidays is quick and easy and will blend seamlessly with your décor long after the holidays are over.



  • 2x 40-inch lengths of ¾-inch EMT conduit
  • 6x 35-inch lengths of ¾-inch EMT conduit
  • 5x 20-inch lengths of ¾-inch EMT conduit
  • 10x 90-degree pipe fittings
  • 1x caster kit
  • End plugs
  • 2x 1x20x35- inch wood boards (cedar, pine, or oak work best)



  1. Begin by making the EMT pipe frame. Connect the two 40-inch pieces of conduit to one 20-inch length using two 90-degree connectors. Connect two more 90-degree connectors onto each 40-inch length positioning them 5-inches from the top, and two 3-inches from the bottom.
  2. Connect two more 20-inch pieces between the two 40-inch vertical pieces, then connect the four 35-inch lengths to the 90-degree connectors.
  3. At the end of each 35-inch piece, attach the last four 90-degree connectors and connect the remaining two 20-inch lengths horizontally and the two remaining 35-inch lengths of conduit vertically.
  4. Place and secure the two wooden boards to the frame and insert the casters onto the base. Fill any open 90-degree connectors or conduit with end plugs, and your cart is ready.


Note: For added security for drinks and bottles when moving the cart, you may consider adding extra lengths of EMT conduit to the top shelf or use non-slip matting on top of the wooden board to prevent accidents.


diy structural pipe serving station maker pipe

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Pipe Serving Station

A serving station allows you to spend more time with your guests by encouraging them to serve themselves, and all you need to do throughout the party is refresh the food platters. This pipe leg serving station is an affordable, speedy way to increase the serving area at your holiday party. This pipe build for the holidays can be customized to fit the space available in your entertaining area and the number of guests that you will be hosting.



Please note, you can use a variety of wood types for your pipe leg tables depending on your style. For an industrial, distressed look, try reclaimed timber board. You can also use pine, cedar, or oak.

  • 6x 48-inch lengths of ¾-inch EMT conduit
  • 6x 65-inch lengths of ¾-inch EMT conduit
  • 6x 25-inch lengths of ¾-inch EMT conduit
  • 12x 90-degree connectors
  • 2x T-connectors
  • 4x 180-degree connectors
  • 2x 2x25x65-inch wooden boards
  • End plugs



  1. To create the basic pipe frame for the serving station, begin by connecting two 48-inch lengths of conduit vertically to two 65-inch lengths using 90-degree connectors. Connect two T-connectors onto the center of the 65-inch lengths, then connect two more 48-inch pieces to the end of the 65-inch length vertically using 90-degree connectors.
  2. Attach the remaining two 48-inch lengths to the T-connectors, and connect two 180-degree connectors 10-inches from the bottom of the pipe.
  3. Attach 90-degree connectors to the other four vertical pieces of conduit 10-inches from the bottom. Connect two 25-inch pieces of conduit to the 90-degree connectors between the vertical pipe legs.
  4. Connect the remaining two 180-degree connectors three inches from the bottom of the two central pipes. Attach 90-degree connectors to the other four vertical pieces of conduit 3-inches from the bottom. Connect the remaining two 25-inch pieces of conduit to the 90-degree connectors between the vertical pipe legs.
  5. Secure the first wooden board to the top of the frame and the second board to the bottom. Use end plugs to fill any openings in connectors or pipes.


diy structural pipe hanging shelf maker pipe

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Pipe Hanging Shelf

Are you short on space but still want to throw an unforgettable holiday party? A pipe frame wall shelf frees up floor space for guests while still offering plenty of surface area for holding food, beverages, and stunning holiday decorations. After the holidays are over, you can use the shelves for extra storage and home décor.  


  • 2x 34-inch lengths of ¾-inch EMT conduit
  • 6x 12-inch lengths of ¾-inch EMT conduit
  • 2x T-connectors
  • 4x 90-degree connectors
  • 4x pipe flanges for wall mounts
  • Hardware for mounting the shelves
  • 2x 1x12x34-inch wooden boards
  • End plugs



  1. To create the supports for the wooden shelves you need to make two frames to mount to the walls. To build a single frame, take one 34-inch length of conduit and connect one T-connector halfway down, then place two 90-degree connectors at the top and bottom of the pipe. Connect three 12-inch lengths of pipe to the pipe connectors. Attach flanges to the top and bottom horizontal lengths and an end plug to the central pipe.
  2. Repeat step 1 to create the second support frame.
  3. Position the frames on the wall where you want the shelf to be located. Ensure you secure the frames to wall studs to support the weight of your holiday food and beverages.
  4. Attach the wooden boards to the central and bottom shelf supports, and your hanging shelf is ready to use.


The Wrap-Up

With Maker Pipe fittings and connectors, you can complete each of these fantastic pipe builds for the holidays in just one afternoon, so you will have plenty of time to decorate and whip up your favorite seasonal dishes before your guests arrive.

To find out more about our range of connectors and pipe fittings, or for more inspiration for DIY pipe projects for your home, contact Maker Pipe at (843)-245-9747 and talk to our friendly, experienced staff.