July 19, 2021 3 min read

Maker Pipe Monday


Every Monday we take a look at builds that have been shared by makers in the community. We feature these builds in a weekly series called Maker Pipe Monday. This week we have 5 projects, including a beach cart and blackberry enclosure. Let's get into it! 


DIY Inflatable Boat Cart


DIY Inflatable Boat Cart


 Our first build comes from MC Fish. They needed a way to transport their Flycraft inflatable boat, but weren't happy with the options online, so they made this cart. They connected two 15" wheels with a 1/2" threaded rod that had been slid into clear reinforced tubing, then into 3/4" conduit. This allowed them to build off of the axle to create the rest of the cart. They connected two pipes to the center on each side with 90 Degree Connectors, and reinforced them with 45 Degree Connectors. At the top of each side is a horizontal pipe, connected to the sides with T Connectors. Each side is covered with a pool noodle to protect the boat. It all looks great and hopefully does the job well. Thanks for posting! 


DIY Garage Storage Hooks


DIY Garage Storage Hooks


Mark has posted two cool garage storage solutions. First, he took a 2x4 piece of plywood and mounted it to a stud in the ceiling. Then, he bent a leftover piece of conduit he had and flattened one end so it could be drilled to the piece of wood. This creates a hook that can be used to hang a number of light things, but might not fare well with something very heavy.

 The second hack is the white hooks you see hanging from the side of the conduit. They can be found in many big box stores in the plumbing section and are very inexpensive. When mounted like this they make good holders for fishing rods or anything else long like conduit. These are both simple but useful storage solutions, and we appreciate you posting them, Mark! 


DIY Beach Cart


DIY Beach Cart


When you're going to the beach, you usually have a lot to carry. Umbrellas, chairs, the cooler, and you can't forget the snacks! It's quite the handful, so Aksel (who's been on a building spree lately!) made this beach cart to carry it all. One of the techniques he used was using crossover clamps on an axel, and he also used couplers to connect the bent pieces of conduit with the straight pieces. He used T Connectors to connect it all, including the cool handle at the front. May your awesome cart be filled with awesome beach snacks, and thanks for posting! 


DIY Concrete Paver Base (Follow-Up)


DIY Concrete Paver Base


Last week we featured a balloon stand that Joe made for an event. We asked about the concrete bases he used and he made a post explaining how they were made. He takes a 12" by 12" concrete paver base, drills a 1" hole in the center, duct tapes the bottom of the hole to keep glue from leaking out, and fills most of the hole with hot glue. Then, all that's left is to add the 3/4" conduit, fill the rest of the hole with glue, and wrap the base in black duct tape. The bases look great and seem to do their job well, and we were curious about how they were made. Thanks for the update! 


DIY Blackberry Patch Enclosure


DIY Blackberry Enclosure


Last but not least we have a blackberry patch enclosure  by Don. He rebuilt an enclosure using canopy fittings (the larger fittings in the picture) as well as 4 Way and 90 Degree Connectors, conduit, and something like deer netting or chicken wire. He also made a neat door. The door itself is connected with 90 Degree Connectors. For the hinges, he went to Home Depot and found big eye bolts, and made spacers out of bakelite rod. It looks great and looks like it'll keep deer from snacking on the delicious berries. Thanks, Don! 



Thanks to everyone who shares their builds! We love sharing your creations, so keep posting! If you have a build you'd like to share, you can do so through email at info@makerpipe.com, social media with #makerpipe, and of course by posting to the community page. The video version of this blog can be found here. Have a great week and happy building!