July 13, 2021 2 min read

Learn About The New Cross Over Clamps!

New Cross Over Clamp


Today I want to introduce a new crossover clamp that offers some great benefits to builders using EMT Conduit in their project. It’s great for adding strength and reinforcement to builds and it can solve unique problems as well. I’m going to share a couple of community examples along with some ideas for how you can use it in your project, but first what is it? 


What Is It?

Top Down View Of Cross Over Clamp


These clamps are made of steel and consist of this single u bolt looking piece that holds two pieces of conduit stacked and offset like in the picture above. They also come with an indented plate and two nuts that hold it all together. It’s really simple to put together with a 1/2" wrench or socket. 


Adapt Conduit To Other Pipes

Amy's Roof Rack Adapted To Conduit


This steel clamp was first brought to our attention by Amy who needed to adapt a custom conduit roof rack to her SUV roof rails. The rails were a different diameter than conduit so she couldn’t build directly off of it. These clamps accept pipes up to 1” in diameter which allowed her to secure conduit directly to the roof rails.

After her recommendation we tried it out and saw how awesome and useful it was so we wanted to share it and make it available to the community. 


Reinforce Your Builds

180 Degree Splits Continuous Pipe


You can use it like Amy did to adapt conduit to other structures, but it’s also great for reinforcing your builds. Usually when you have long spans of conduit that need reinforcement, you’ll use a 180 degree connector in between two pipes. It’s a great solution, but it does mean you have to break up the pipe you're strengthening into two pieces. If you need the span of pipe to stay together then these clampswill be a great option. I could see this being useful in something like a canopy or arbor that has a lot of cross connections for reinforcement. With these crossover clamps you can keep that reinforcement pipe continuous while still adding the needed strength. 


Cross Over Keeps Pipe Continuous


Build Then Reinforce

Chris's Greenhouse Shelves


This could also be useful for adding reinforcement after a project is finished. You can use these to add cross pipes or verticals where needed without cutting pipes or rebuilding a project.Chris used some custom 3d printed connectors for his greenhouse shelves to do just that. You can see where he added verticals on the sides to support the shelves. 


Make An Axle

Cross Over Clamp Used As An Axle

Another cool idea is building a cart for a bike or something with wheels and using these to secure the axle to the frame. These would allow you to keep the side rails one piece and secure the axle to it. Aksel used these clamps to make an axle on his DIY beach cart which is a perfect example of how to use these!


These are just a couple of ways to use the clamps and I’m sure there are tons more that you’ll discover when building your unique project. We can’t wait to see how you use them for clever solutions and builds in the future. Thanks for reading and happy building!