June 21, 2021 3 min read

Maker Pipe Monday - 52


Maker Pipe Monday 52 

It's been a year since we started doing Maker Pipe Monday, and we've loved it ever since we started it last year. It's a joy to see the creative builds everyone shares. This week we have 6 more builds shared by some of those very community members. Let's get to it! 


DIY Keyboard Stand 


DIY Keyboard Stand


Look at how well those colors match! This keyboard stand was made by Tegan, who says this is their first build, and it looks great! It's made with shrink-wrapped conduit, T Connectors, 45 Degree Connectors, and rubber feet. It's built to match the keyboard both in color and size. Thanks for posting, Tegan! 


DIY Polaris Ranger Rack 


DIY Polaris Ranger Rack Post


Tim shared this build, a rack for the bed of his Polaris Ranger, through email. It's made with shrink-wrapped conduit, T Connectors, 45 Degree Connectors, and 90 Degree Connectors. It's attached to the bed with thumbscrews, and leaves space for items in the bed while providing extra storage with a shelf on top. It also has supports made with the 45 Degrees Connectorsto provide some extra security. The black shrink wrap looks great. Thanks for sending this in, Tim! 


DIY Air Deflector for Fishing Rod Holder


DIY Air Dam Post


Mark does a lot of fishing, and the fishing rod holder on top of his car creates a lot of drag on the highway when it's empty. It's a lot of work to take it off and put it back on, so he created a build that deflects air from the holder and minimizes the noise. He made the frame out of conduit that was either shrink-wrapped or spray painted black, and T Connectors, then added an aluminum plate to it. He initially added some grey paint to the plate, but toned it down a bit with black. It looks great both ways. Thanks for sharing, Mark! 


DIY Bin Storage Shelf with Bike Rack 


DIY Bin Storage Shelf with Bike Rack


Dan made this cool rolling shelf for his Action Packer bins, and it's even got a bike rack on top! It was made from conduit, T Connectors, 90 Degree Connectors, and 180 Degree Connectors. The shelf is custom built so that the bins are supported directly by the pipes, without a need for plywood. He made an update showing how he added the wheels here. Thanks, Dan! 


DIY Backyard Barbecue Canopy


Backyard Barbecue Canopy Post


At first glance, it might be hard to see what's protecting the barbecue area from rain and whatnot, but if you look a bit closer you'll see the clear roof panels, which still allow sunlight in. Josh modeled this build with Maker Pipe Minis, then built it with shrink-wrapped conduit, T Connectors, 45 Degree Connectors, a 5 Way Connector, and 90 Degree Connectors. He added the 8 x 2.25 foot roof panels with Teks self-sealing screws. This is a wonderful use of those panels. Thanks for posting, Josh! 


DIY 9-Square Court


DIY 9-Square Game


David shared this photo featuring students enjoying a 9 Square court they built. 9 Square is a bit like volleyball, but the court is more complex. You get one shot to hit the ball out of your square and into another one. If you fail to do this, you're out! The court was built with conduit, 4 Way Connectors, and 5 Way Connectors. This looks like a great way to get outside in the summer and have some fun. Thanks for sharing, David! 



It's been a year now since we've started Maker Pipe Monday, and we've enjoyed seeing every post. Thank you to everyone who has shared and continues to share their builds with the community. If you'd like to share a build of your own, you can do so through email at info@makerpipe.com, social media with #makerpipe, and through the Maker Pipe Connect community page. Thank you and happy building everyone! 

The video version of this post can be found here