August 24, 2020 3 min read

DIY Trailer Ladder Rack, Gaga Ball Pit, and More Awesome Pipe Projects - Maker Pipe Monday - 010

Good Monday Makers! Welcome back to episode 10 of Maker Pipe Monday, this is a series we do where we review all the customer builds posted in the Maker Pipe Connect community. This weeks episode features a gaga pit, home schooling pipe desk, trailer ladder rack, kayak cart, dip station, kayak and sup board trailer rack, and a cucumber garden trellis. All of these projects are DIY pipe builds using conduit and Maker Pipe.

Lets get on to the builds!

Home Schooling Pipe Desk

First customer build showcased is Scott's distance learning pipe desk.

DIY Home School Pipe Desk

The build was inspired by our distance learning desk video which you can check out here. He built his a bit different by incorporating 90 degree bends for the legs which saved a few connectors.

Pipe Desk Conduit Bend

He used T connectors to connect the legs. He braced the desk with some more T's and conduit. In total it looks like less than 10 connectors which makes it a pretty inexpensive DIY pipe desk. It turned out great and we appreciate Scott sharing this build.

Cucumber Fence/Trellis

Next up is a fantastic cucumber trellis built by Thomas. He also has a frame built for his tomato plants behind the cucumbers here. What he did was bend the conduit 90 degrees on the corners which gives it a nice sleek look. Most people don't know that you can pick up these conduit pipes with 90 degree bends already performed at your local hardware stores. He connected the straight pipes with off the shelf couplers that have the set screw pieces. For the frame he used the two bends on the side and 6 total connectors. Two outside T's and four 180's for the support pipes. He added the wire for the plants and you can see the before

DIY Cucumber Trellis

and here is the after.

Cucumber Trellis Made With Pipe

Awesome build that resulted in a lot of cukes! Thanks for sharing!

Rolling Kayak/Canoe Cart

These are used to roll around kayaks or canoes which saves the trouble of picking up and moving the heavy rafts.

DIY Kayak Rolling Cart

It straps to the kayak like this so you can haul it around. We get a lot of question on incorporating wheels on builds and I think he did a great job with this. He mounted the wheels with a threaded rod.

DIY Kayak Cart Wheels

If the wheels have bearings or bushings built into them you just use nuts to position the wheels on the threaded rods. He mounted the wheels that way and then put the "axle" through the conduit. He used T connectors for the structure. Great technique and great build!

 Dip Workout Station

Paul this dip station for dip exercises. He has 8 T connectors for the structure with pool noodles on the top bars to add some comfort to the exercises.

DIY Pipe Dip Station

Over all a simple build that gets the job done. Thanks for sharing Paul!

Gaga Ball Pit

Michael shared this DIY gaga pit for his boys to play with in the backyard. I have never heard of the "gaga" game before, but after some research we found that its a version of dodge ball that is played in this arena or pit.

DIY Gaga Ball Pit

You have to hit the ball with an open hand and try to get other players out. He did a fantastic job building it out of Maker Pipe and conduit. He built six sections and used T connectors to link them together. Thanks for sharing Michael!

Trailer Ladder Rack

Chestly shared his trailer ladder rack. This is a simple and effective ladder rack. It has 6 pieces of conduit and 4 T connectorsfor the frame and it is attached to the trailer with screws directly bolted into the enclosed trailer.

DIY Ladder Trailer Rack

He said it saved him some money and came out great. We appreciate the post Chestly!

Kayak/Supboard Trailer Rack

This trailer rack holds 4 kayaks and two stand up paddle boards.

DIY Kayak and Supboard Trailer Rack

He has an aluminum trailer and built this structure to attach to it. He did an awesome job by creating the cube structure to hold the bottom 4 kayaks. Then he made this center section to hold the paddle boards.

Sturdy Kayak and Supboard Trailer Rack

It looks super sturdy and we are glad he shared this one with us.Thanks for sharing Jeff!


Those are the builds for this week! We love showcasing customer builds and would love to see what you are working on. If you want to share your ideas and projects or see other builds head over to Maker Pipe Connectour free DIY community. Also if you want to see this episode in video format you can watch it below. Thanks we will see you next week!