August 31, 2020 3 min read

5 Unique DIY Projects Done With EMT Conduit - Maker Pipe Monday - 011

Welcome back to another episode of Maker Pipe Monday where we showcase DIY pipe projects built by members of the community. We have another week of great builds to showcase like the kayak/raft frame, print table, can caddy, hanging bird feeder, and temporary DIY gate. Let's get into the builds!

Dave introduction

DIY Pipe Kayak/Raft Frame

First up this week is an inflatable raft frame built by Andrew. His raft had a rip in the floor so he decided to repair it and add a frame for it built completely out of metal conduit, wood, and Maker Pipe.

DIY raft frame

He also added seats built into the frame using the wooden planks. Here you can see the frame upside down out of the boat. He bent the conduit so it would have a nice fit around the raft. He used a series of T connectors for the frame.

DIY raft frame underside shot

It looks great and adds some strength to the raft. We appreciate Andrew sharing this with the community.

DIY Can Caddy

Mike needed a way to support a large trash bag that he uses to recycle cans. He made this can caddy cart as a solution.

DIY can caddy hero shot

The build consists of squares built for the top and bottom. The squares are assembled with 90 degree connectors.

DIY can caddy base

He also added casters to the bottom to be able to roll it around which is a nice touch. He used two support pipes instead of four to keep the footprint small in his shop.

DIY can caddy clamps holding the bag of cans

He uses clamps to hold the bag and cans in place. It is a great build and looks like it does the job. Thanks for sharing Mike!

DIY Temporary Barrier

This build is used on a tennis court as a temporary barrier,but really you could use this in any situation you need a gate or barrier like this that can be moved around.

DIY temporary gate

The main structure is built with 6 T connectors, and there is gate built here with a few more and maybe a 4 way pipe connector at the bottom. They used a cool technique for the gate. They removed the friction band from the connectors and added a small dab of grease where the connectors clamp on the pipe. This is another great build that can be adapted to all situations where a gate is needed.

DIY Hanging Bird Feeder

John has a second story window that he wanted to mount a hanging bird feedertoo.

DIY hanging bird feeder

He used a conduit structure with a wooden anchor that allows him to swivel the structure if need be. He created a bird feeder crane pretty much with two 45 degree connectors and a T connector.

Hanging bird feeder anchor point

The wooden anchor has a lock built in to lock the swivel in place either in front of the window or on the deck. Thanks for sharing John, it looks great!

DIY Print Table

Next buildwas done by a professional electrician who goes by @yegelectricon Instagram.

DIY electricians print table

He built this great job site electricians print table out of conduit and Maker Pipe. Anytime an electrician uses our product for a DIY purpose is really cool to see because they deal with conduit commercially everyday, but the applications are totally different. He did it in a cool way because he incorporated both. He ran wires through the pipes so he could incorporate a overhead light and an electrical outlet.

Electricians print table with electric junction box

He also added casters to move it around the job site. He also has a shelf below the slanted top. It is an awesome build! Be sure to check out his Instagram here.


That is all the builds we have for this week. Thanks for checking out another week of awesome builds, and be sure to check out the community if you want to see more community projects or post your own! If you want to see the video overview you can find it below. See you next Monday!