November 16, 2020 4 min read

Creative Community Builds Showcase


Dave Introduction


Every Monday we showcase customer builds that are posted to our Connect community. We call this series Maker Pipe Monday. On this weeks episode we have a custom over landing canopy, a golf simulator impact screen, a conduit transporter, and two fantastic pipe desk examples!

Let's get into the builds!


DIY Over Landing Canopy

Honda Element With A DIY Awning And Roof Tent


Enrique has an awesome over landing rig set up on his Honda Element complete with a rooftop tent and a custom awning system! He was looking for an inexpensive way to have a covered area for eating and cooking. He achieved this with 3/4" EMT conduit and Maker Pipe connectors.


Honda Element Overlanding Setup


The canopy extends out from the top of the car and is measured 6' by 8'. He used a series of T Connectors to make the frame for the canopy. They are used to make 90 degree elbows in the four corners. This creates the rectangle frame for the sunshade. Since the connectors clamp around the pipes he can easily loosen the connections and take the canopy apart for transport. Great build Enrique!


DIY Pipe Desk

DIY Desk Built With Wood And Pipes


Kenneth shared his awesome desk set up with us through email. This desk is packed with features including multiple shelves, a keyboard and mouse shelf, underneath storage, and 6 monitors! He used some beautiful finished wood for the shelves and workspace. The frame is overall pretty simple with an upside down U shape. The two lower shelf sections have 4 legs each using 90 degree connectors to make the the platform for the shelves. These two sections have casters that support the whole desk. At the top of the two sections there are 90's and T's used to connect the long pipes that run horizontally across the whole desk. He then attached the wooden top he had to the frame. He said the top two monitors are mounted to the wall and the middle three are using a triple monitor mount like this one, and the lowest monitor is sitting on its stand on the desk top. This is a fantastic pipe desk example and looks beautiful!


Golf Simulator DIY Impact Screen


DIY Golf Simulator Impact Screen


Next build we have is Chris's impact screen that he uses for his golf simulator! Impact screens are used by golfers to practice. You can hit a golf ball into the screen just as if you were at a regular course. When the ball hits the screen it falls, but the simulator reacts to the hit and displays a simulation of the ball on an actual course. It's awesome technology! Chris set up a simulator in his garage. He has safety nets on the sides with golf turf on the ground. The projector is mounted to the ceiling above the play area.

Then for the impact screen he built a frame with Maker Pipe and conduit. The frame is self standing with a leg on each side. You can use all T's to achieve a frame like this. It is a similar design to the sunshade canopy above. You just need to make a rectangle or square depending on your screen dimensions using T's in the corners. If you want to see more about designing and building screen frames with Maker Pipe check out this blog. Awesome build Chris!


Dual Monitor Pipe Desk


Custom Dual Monitor Desk Setup


Next up is another custom pipe desk build by Hong. This desk is also packed with all kinds of awesome features like the PC shelf that is designed to fit his computer case dimensions. He built the main frame using 90 degree connectorsand T connectors.He left the vertical pipes long in the back so he could attach the pegboard and light.


Pegboard Mounted To Custom Desk

DIY Desk Shelf For PC Case


Looks like he used smooth plywood and conduit one hole straps to mount the top to the frame. He zip tied the pegboard to the vertical support pipes and braced the light with 45 degree connectors. All of the pipes are finished with black shrink wrap and the legs have casters on the end. This desk is really sweet and Hong used great building techniques!


Conduit Transporter

DIY Conduit Hauler


The last build we have this week is a custom conduit hauler! Conduit comes in 10 foot lengths which can make it difficult to carry home if you have smaller vehicle. This simple build was used to get conduit from the electrical store and bring it home safely and securely inside a Honda CR-V. They used a vertical pipe on each side of the center console and connected a horizontal pipe using two T connectors. This build is really simple but gets the job done!



That's all the builds we have for this week! Thanks for checking out our blog and reading about the creative customer projects that were shared to Maker Pipe Connect. If you need help adapting any of these builds to your needs feel free to contact us here. We post MPM episodes every Monday on our YouTube channel.Check out this weeks episode below!