September 14, 2020 4 min read

Cool DIY Projects Built With Electrical Conduit

Dave Video Introduction

We have another episode of Maker Pipe Monday which means we have more community builds to showcase. We have a great line up of builds this week including a micro green hydroponic system, kitchen storage shelf, and more! The links to each post are listed below. On to the Builds!


Generator Frame

DIY Generator Frame


First build we have is from Roger who built this frame for his Honda generator. You can see that he has chosen a smaller generator so he could move it around his shop or home. The issue is the generator sits on the ground and doesn't have any built in handle or way to move it. So he made his own with conduit and Maker Pipe fittings.


DIY Pipe Frame For Honda Generator

You can see he bent the pipe on the sides to create the grab handles and used T connectors to brace the frame at the bottom, and to secure the generator to the pipes. He also used off the shelf conduit couplings to extend the conduit. It looks great and does the job. Thanks for sharing Roger!


Micro Green Hydroponic System

Maker Pipe Hydroponic Micro Green System


Next up is Bill's hydroponic system that he uses for micro greens. He used electrical conduit to create the structure that the trays and system attaches too. He designed it with 16 channels that are 10" by 72". He says they are able to grow 9 trays that are 10" wide and 20" long.


DIY Hydropnic Trays


An important thing to note is that you can build a system to fit your exact needs. The Maker Pipe system allows you to build easily so you can build to fit any space or tray size you need.


DIY Indoor Micro Green Growing System

He used 90 degree connectors and T connectors to create the corners and main frame structure. Then he added braces using the 45 degree connector. He used a heat gun to apply our shrink wrap to the conduit which not only looks great, but also fights corrosion. He finished off the build with casters to roll around the shop if need be. The trays and grow lights are attached to the cross pipes. Thanks Bill for sharing your indoor growing set up, it looks fantastic!


Action Camera Holder/Stand

DIY Action Camera Stand


Matthew has been a customer since the Maker Pipe kickstarter days, and he shared his newest build. He wanted a multi functional action camera stand that could also be held when filming.


DIY Bent Pipe Camera Holder

He incorporated a nice bend that allows for multiple holding angles and also looks cool! He used the 180 degree connectors to add pipes horizontally. These horizontal pipes act as legs so the stand can be set down when hand held isn't needed.

He added 7/8" rubber feet to the ends of the conduit, and black grip tape for added security when holding the camera. To attach the the camera mount itself he used a handlebar mount that fits around the pipe. It looks great and we really appreciate him sharing it with the community!


Kitchen Pipe Shelf & Counter

DIY Kitchen Island


Rick's nephew was lacking storage and counter space in his new place so they set out for a DIY solution. They came up with this custom kitchen island built with metal conduit piping, Maker Pipe clamps and oak veneer plywood.

For the build they used the 90 degree structural fittings for the shelf supports and T clamps for the frame and support beams. You can see they notched out the edges for the pipes to pass through.


DIY Pipe Shelf


That is a cool technique you don't see very often. The pipes are finished with black shrink wrap. It looks great in the space and is an example of a DIY pipe shelf done right! Thanks for sharing Rick!


Boat Accessories

DIY Boat Accessories


Martin shared his boat build with the community and you can see he's got a few accessories built out of pipe. He added DIY safety rails along the whole boat using T connectors and 180 degree connectors. He bent the conduit for a round finish and it looks great.


DIY Boat Safety Rail

You can also see he has a center console built with several more bends and a shade to keep the sun out of his eyes while he is boating. He used 4 T connectors on the sun shade and it turned out great. Martin loves his boat and we are glad Maker Pipe could help him make it even better!


Duck Boat Blind

DIY Conduit Boat Blind


Gordon shared with us through email his boat blind. We usually start seeing a lot of DIY duck blinds being built this time of year, and this is another great example of a simple yet effective blind made specifically for a boat.

He didn't need a lot of connectors to make this one great. He bent two hoops for the ends then connected cross pipes longways with T connectors. A cool thing he did was add a rectangle fold over bar to allow a space to see out of when the blind is fully set up.


DIY Duck Blind with Camo Tarps

DIY Duck Blind Made with Conduit

Here you can see the blind with the camo coverings in the storage position and in blind mode.  It looks great and we appreciate Gordon sharing his build with us!


Boat Sunshade

 DIY Boat Sunshade


Ron shared with us his custom boat shade that extends from a shade already attached to the boat. The original shade covered the captains chair, but the passengers were left out in the sun. He added the pipes from the top extending to the front then braced the pipes with 45 degree connectors.


DIY Tarp Boat Shade

He attached tarps to the frame using bungee straps. The railing is a different diameter than conduit so he use some of our pipe adapter shims to attach the sun shade frame to the railing. It looks like it works great and he did a great job with the build!


As always thank you for checking out Maker Pipe Monday's where we showcase customer builds. All of these builds were shared in our free DIY Maker Pipe community. Head on over there to see more great builds and interact with other makers.

If you want to see the video version of this episode it will be linked below. Thanks for stopping by and happy building!