April 19, 2021 3 min read

Another Incredible Week of Community Builds 

Maker Pipe


Every week we take a look at builds that have been shared with us through social media, email, our community page, and reviews on the website. We feature these projects in a YouTube series called Maker Pipe Monday. This week we have six posts from members of the community. Without further ado, let's get to it! 


Filament Rack and Other Storage Solutions 


Filament Rack


Our first post is not one but a few projects that Garret has created to better organize his workspace and home. The first project shown to us is a rack  for filament spools, and if you look closer you can see he's got pliers sitting at the ready on the top of the rack on each side. 


Rack for Headphones and Other Tools


He also made a paper towel rack that holds his headphones and a spray bottle as well. 


Maker Pipe Storage - Tool Wall


Here is a larger tool wall he made. It houses brushes, pliers, safety gear, and the like. He also made another paper towel holder by attaching coat hanger wire to the conduit. 


Maker Pipe Kitchen Organization Shelf


Garrett's shop wasn't the only thing to receive a bit of an upgrade! He also made shelves for his kitchen island. He made use of the space under the countertop by adding shelves that hold lunchboxes, a pressure cooker, containers, bread, and what have you. 

All of these great storage solutions were made using conduit and T Connectors. It's also worth taking a look at his other ideas as well. Thanks, Garrett! 


DIY Batting Cage


DIY Batting Cage


Take a look at this build! It was made by Ken, who wanted to create a backyard batting cage for his son. He took conduit and formed it into these arches for the frame, and connected it all with T Connectors and 180 Degree Connectors. Then he added the netting, and voila! Thanks for sharing, Ken! 


DIY Square Tubing Trellis 


DIY Square Tube Trellis


This trellis was made by Jamie, who didn't use round tubing, but square tubing instead! We didn't know such a thing could be done, but it looks like it worked well. 


Square Tube Trellis


They used T Connectors and shims to connect the frame, and used conduit for the back of the frame to hold it to the wall. It's a pretty clever build and it looks like it works well too. Thank you Jamie! 


DIY Plant Hangers


DIY Plant Hangers


Chris is at it again with another build, and this time it's a plant hanger  he built for his wife. He made a simple trellis out of conduit and T's, then 3D printed really cool pots and hangers for the plants. You can check them out here. Thank you for posting another great build, Chris!


DIY Quick Disconnect Solution


DIY Quick Disconnect Solution


Randy, who has also had builds featured in past episodes, has created a way to make telescoping pipes out of 1/2" and 3/4" EMT. It's a similar concept to adjustable kayak ores or tent poles. He drilled a hole close to the end of a 3/4" pipe and another hole at least a foot from the end of a 1/2" pipe. He then added the spring button clip to the 1/2" pipe, which allows the 3/4" pipe to slide over it and lock in place. This idea came about as a solution to the bird feeder on his deck being too far away to reach and refill. Now he can rotate the pipe around, refill the feeder, and click the pipe back in place. This is definitely a useful solution. Thanks, Randy! 


DIY Canvas Boat Cover Frame


DIY Canvas Boat Cover Frame   

Our last post this week comes from Tim, who build a frame for his Alden 44 sailboat. He bent conduit and used it and T Connectors to create a frame that attaches to his boat. They were able to build the frame in less than 4 hours, and is strong enough to hold the boat cover. We'd love to see more pictures if you get the chance. Thanks for posting! 


Comment of the Week


Comment of the Week


We've started featuring a YouTube comment every episode, and this week's comment was left by michealbuddy on our "Add Monitors To ANY Maker Pipe Build!" video. In the video, Jake uses a hammer to press the fitting into the conduit pipe, but michealbuddy suggested using a vice instead, which is a great idea. Thanks for the comment! 




Seeing all of these builds is the highlight of our week, and we appreciate you sharing with us! If you'd like to share your own build you can do that via email at info@makerpipe.com, via social media with the #makerpipe hashtag, and of course, you can share it to the Maker Pipe Connect community page as well. The video version of this week's showcase will be listed below. Thanks and happy building!