November 18, 2020 5 min read

9 DIY Pipe Desk Ideas

DIY desks are one of the most popular pieces of furniture built with pipes because of the customization possibilities they offer. Building a pipe desk with Maker Pipe and conduit is no different. Check out these 9 pipe desk ideas and be inspired to build your own!

Corner L Shaped Desk

DIY L Shaped Corner Desk


The corner is an often overlooked and unused space when furnishing a room. A custom l shaped desk is a perfect way to take advantage of that empty space. This customers room had not one, but two corners! You can see that there is a column that juts out into the room. Imagine how hard it would be to find an off the shelf solution for that. That's where DIY comes in. They built a custom desk that snugs right into that corner and works around the double corner problem. They used a series of T connectors and 90 degree connectors to build the frame. Then they added custom finished wood for the desk tops and shelf.


DIY Desk With Overhead Lighting

DIY Gaming Desk With PC Shelf


This next desk build is packed with all kinds of custom features. He has a dual monitor setup on the desktop and a custom PC and battery backup shelf mounted underneath. The back of the desk has a pegboard storage system with an overhead light mounted above, and the whole desk is mounted on casterswhich makes it mobile. It is a simple build even though it has a lot of cool features. He built the frame using 90 degree and T connectors. The vertical pipes on the back were left longer than the front so the pegboard and light could be mounted. He used 45 degree connectors to brace the pipes that hold the light.


Two Tiered Gaming Desk

Two Tiered DIY Gaming Desk


I needed something that would fit between the window sill and corner so I built this desk to fit that space exactly. The whole wall with the window was unused so I decided to extend a low shelf that would hold my PC and whatever else I needed. I was able to slide a trash can and shredder underneath that lower shelf which cleaned up the space and gave those two things a place to live. I used all T's for the connections and bought spruce appearance boards for the desk top and shelf. I have plans to add more shelves later on, but for now it is working great.


Custom Quilting Station

Custom Quilting Desk


The builder of this next desk had a specific problem to solve. She needed a quilting workstation that also had features of a computer desk. The space available was between two closet doors which didn't leave much room to find a prebuilt solution. She decided to build her own using Maker Pipe and conduit. She utilized the headspace and built an awesome desk that has all the features she needed! The right side has shelves built in that sewing and quilting materials. Attached to those shelves are racks designed to hold finished quilts. The left side of the build has a desktop that holds the computer, keyboard, and mouse. On the same side there are multiple shelves for holding office supplies, a printer, and a large TV. Underneath there are floating shelves that hold miscellaneous small items. This desk is packed full of features and makes great use of the space available!


Home Schooling Desk

DIY Homeschooling Desk


We built this next pipe desk for the owners daughter to use when distance learning. We built this desk to have custom features that fit her needs. The desk top is at the perfect height to fit her favorite chair underneath, and is wide enough to hold the iPad and laptop she uses for school. We put a reversible chalk and dry erase board on the back so she could write/draw on it when she needed to. We added custom wrap that matched her style and added a shelf to the top so she could put books and other supplies up there for storage. If you want to see what connectors we used, check out the how to videowe did for this exact desk.


Custom Desk For A Kid's Room

Custom Desk For A Kid's Room


Scott was inspired by our desk video and created this desk for his daughter. He used different techniques and accomplished another great homeschooling desk example. Rather than using corner connections for the top he bent the conduit into arches on both sides. From there he ran pipes across using T connectors. Those cross pipes hold the desk top to the frame. Underneath he used a series of T's to add bracing where needed. He didn't need a dry erase board or shelf like ours so he left it off. That's the best part of a DIY build. Make it exactly how you want so it fits your needs!


Adding Shelves To A Desk

DIY Shelving Added To A Desk


This next build isn't exactly a desk, but rather an addition to a desk. The builder had a l shaped corner desk already, but it lacked the storage he needed. He used Maker Pipe and Conduit to add a shelving system that runs beside and above the desk. Using a mixture of T's and 180 degree connectors he was able to build the shelves to fit his room dimensions. To make the shelving system match the preexisting desk he added black shrink wrap to the pipes and used a finished wood that matched the desk top for the shelves. This is another great corner desk example!


Two Tiered Desk For Standing Or Sitting

DIY Standing and Sitting Desk


This next desk design features two different work heights. One for sitting and one for standing. The standing portion of the desk fits into the corner nicely and then branches off at a slightly lower height for sitting and working. He used a really cool technique to accomplish this. The sitting portion is connected with two T's that hang off the long horizontal pipe from the standing portion. This means there's no leg going down to the floor which leaves the space underneath free for movement. This desk uses 90's to make the 4 corner sections of each portion then uses 45's to brace where needed. He used Ikea desk tops for the work spaces. This is a really good custom corner desk solution!


DIY Gaming Desk

DIY Gaming Desk Setup


This last build is a simple and effective gaming desk setup. The main frame of the desk uses 90 degree connectors and has T's on the bottom to brace around the outside. On the lower right section there is a custom shelf that holds his gaming rig. For the shelf he used T's branched off the main frame. He made sure the desk top was large enough to hold his dual monitor set up and microphone. A very simple design that looks great and fits everything he needs!


That is all of the custom desk builds we have for you this time, and we hope you learned some new techniques that inspire you to build your very own. If you need help designing a desk feel free to reach out to us and we would be glad to offer some advice. A great way to plan out a build is by creating a model using our Maker Pipe Mini Connectors. Use them to plan out the connections you need to make and see what connectors your build requires! Watch the video version of this roundup below. Thanks for reading and happy building!