October 04, 2021 3 min read

Maker Pipe Monday - 67


Every week we take a look at builds that have been shared with us via social media, email, reviews on the website, and the Maker Pipe Connect Community page. We feature these in the aptly named Maker Pipe Monday series on YouTube. Without further ado, let's get into it! 


DIY Roof Rack Raft Carrier


DIY Roof Rack Raft Carrier


The post starting us off this week is by Tim, who built a roof rack for his fly fishing boat. There are two parts to this build, which are the roof rack and the rack the raft is mounted on. The roof rack is made with conduit, T Connectors, 90 Degree Connectors, and 4 Way Connectors. The rack the raft sits on is made with wood and pulleys on the front and back. The design allows him to winch the raft onto the rack more easily. There are even lights mounted to the front of the Maker Pipe rack as well. It looks great, and there are certainly many adventures to be had with it. Thanks, Tim!  


DIY Solo Skiff Seat Hack


DIY Solo Skiff Seat


Our next post is a hack from Axel, who has come up with a ton of clever hacks in the past. This time, he ran two pieces of shock cord through the T Connectors on his skiff seat frame, allowing tools to be stored and easily accessed. This storage hack could be used many ways, like storing dirty clothes and things in a camping van, for example. It requires no extra tools and is simple but useful, which is a very nice combination. Axel also has a YouTube channel, Aksmaniyak (get it?), so be sure and check it out. Thanks, Axel! 


DIY Poolside Canopy


DIY Poolside Canopy


Despite being the season of falling leaves, autumn seems to have quite a few birthdays, which provides a nice counterweight to all of the leaves dying. Speaking of birthdays, Stephen threw his wife a birthday party recently, complete with a poolside band! The summer weather hasn't quite gone just yet, so he and his wife built a canopy for the party. 

It's supported by 5 legs, with the front of the canopy being supported by a brace at the top to give a clear view of the pool. The frame is made with T Connectors, 45s, and 4 Way Connectors. The party was a success and everyone was happy with the canopy, which is awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us, Stephen! 


DIY Press Room Backdrop


DIY Press Room Backdrop


Art works in the press room for the UCSB men's soccer team (go Gauchos!) and had to move it outside due to Covid. He created a portable 8 'x 10' backdrop, and it looks great! The frame uses 4 T Connectors, 2 90 Degree Connectors, and 4 45 Degrees. It has two long vertical pipes on either side that are weighed down with sandbags, and the back is supported by a brace. The wind doesn't stand a chance. Thanks, Art! 


DIY Ikea L-Shaped Desk


DIY IKEA L-Shaped Desk


L-shaped desks! Who doesn't love them? Moreover, who doesn't like inexpensive L-shaped desks that are well built?! Henry made just that with this desk, planning it out first with Maker Pipe Minis. The desktop is composed of two 48" LAGKAPTEN tabletops from Ikea which are steals at about $25 each. The frame underneath, which is, of course, L-shaped, is composed of T Connectors, 45 Degree Connectors, 4 Way Connectors, 180 Degree Connectors, and 90 Degree Connectors. Instead of having a leg in the corner, the connectors allow the pipe to connect and form a square at the top. The whole thing turned out to be $180! Thanks for sharing, Henry. It looks great! 



 The Maker Pipe community is an endless spring of inspiration, and it never fails to impress. If you'd like to submit a build of your own (or ask a question), you can do so through email at info@makerpipe.com, through social media with the #makerpipe  hashtag, and of course through the Maker Pipe Connect Community page. The video version of this blog will be listed below. Thanks, and happy building!