June 14, 2021 3 min read

5 EMT Conduit Flanges


One of the most common building challenges to overcome is figuring out how to mount conduit to a flat surface. Fear no more because we have rounded up 5 different flange designs that use off the shelf materials to create a secure mounting point for EMT Conduit!

Simply Screw It In

Screwing Conduit Into Flange


All five of the designs involve these flanges that you can get at your local hardware store in either 1/2" or 3/4" threads. They are cast iron and come in your choice of black or silver. Believe it or not, but you can get a decent flange connection by just threading EMT Conduit directly into these flanges. It won't be right for every application, but it's perfect for light weight non structural projects.


Combine With Set Screw Couplers

DIY Set Screw Conduit Flange


Along with the flanges you can find these set screw couplers at your local hardware store. One side has threads which as you probably guessed will thread right into the flange. Now we can add the conduit into the other end and tighten the set screw until the conduit is secured. Another possibility is removing the set screw and using a self tapping screw that will add even more of a secure connection. I'll also add that this method works with both 1/2" and 3/4" EMT Conduit.
Set Screw Flange With Self Tapping Screws

Combine With Compression Fittings

DIY Compression Conduit Flange


Another off the shelf hardware piece you can find easily are these compression fittings that work similarly to the set screw couplers. One end will thread into the flanges, and the other has a nut that will secure the pipe into the fitting as you tighten it.

Galvanized Steel Pipe Nipple

DIY Galvanized Pipe Nipple Flange


This next method comes from a community member named Aksel. He shared a video on his YouTube channel explaining a simple method for making an EMT Conduit flange using a few off the shelf items. He took this galvanized steel pipe nipple and threaded it into the flange, then hammered a piece of conduit on the other end. This is pretty secure, but he drilled through both the pipe and nipple so he could add more security with a nut and bolt that runs through.
DIY Conduit Flange With Through Bolt

Secure It With The Tube Inserts

DIY Conduit Flange With Tube Insert Anchor Point


The last method is pretty cool because it can be used to add security to the first three methods. You'll take your piece of conduit and add a threaded pipe insert into it with a hammer or vice. Then you can use one of the first three methods to attach the pipe to the flange. Now through the bottom of the flange we can see the tube insert and can use it to secure the pipe and flange even more. Take a fender washerand add into into the indention of the flange, and then use a counter sunk bolt to thread into the nut insert. When you tighten the bolt it will pull the conduit into
the flange giving a lot of security.
DIY Conduit Flange With Countersunk Bolt & Fendere Washer


We are really excited to share these with you and see how you use them in your project! In the coming weeks we are going to test each design and see which one offers the most strength so be sure to subscribe to the channel so you don't miss out on that or check this blog for updates. Thanks for stopping by and happy building!