July 01, 2021 7 min read

34 DIY Projects Made With EMT Conduit

EMT Conduit is a great material for builders looking to complete a DIY project. It is lightweight, strong, and easy to cut and work with. We manufacture steel connectors here in the United States that allow you to connect pieces of conduit together in various ways. We have an awesome community full of makers who have built inspiring projects. Today we are going to look at 34 projects from our community and hopefully give you some ideas and inspiration for your own projects.


#1 - Outdoor Movie Screen

DIY Family Projector Movie Screen

What better way to get outside with the family than an outdoor screen that you can enjoy and watch movies together. To see the builders original post, click here.


#2 - Soccer Goal

Easy DIY Soccer Goal

Waiting for a family movie to begin? Pass the time with a friendly game of soccer with this easy DIY soccer goal! If you want a step by step tutorial for this great build then check out this link.


#3 - Camping Bug Net

DIY Bug Netting For Outdoors

Don’t let those pesky mosquitoes ruin your camping trip. Build this super simple net frame instead! Customize the frame to your desired measurements and relax in the great outdoors!


#4 - Above Garage Storage

DIY Garage Storage Rack

The space above a garage is often unused because it’s small and you can’t put anything that will obstruct the door. This builder figured out a clever way to use the space. He added this flat storage area that is perfect for boxes and other lightweight flat objects.


#5 - Tool Organizer

DIY Tool Organizer Shelf

This tool organizer is another fantastic use of space in the garage. This small area is holding tons of screwdrivers, wrenches, power tools, batteries, tape measures, and other hardware accessories. You can’t tell from the picture, but this organizer is able to pull out from the wall and swivel around for easy tool access!


#6- Material Organizer

DIY Material Storage Cart

Brent from the BYOT YouTube channel built this cart for holding all the different materials he uses when building. After it was all said and done the cart was holding over 500 pounds of materials! Check out hisvideo if you want to see how it was made.


#8 - CNC Laptop Stand

DIY CNC Laptop Stand

Most smaller CNC’s don’t come with a stand for holding laptops and computers when running the machine. This builder made this simple angled design stand to hold their laptop while working and machining.


#9 - Mobile Router Cart

DIY CNC Router Cart

This cart is used to hold a CNC router and also has built in shop vac storage for chip clean up. The whole build is on casters for easy garage mobility!


#10 - Patio Couch

DIY Patio Couch

Spending money on outdoor furniture can be a rough experience especially if you don’t get furniture that is sturdy enough to withstand the elements. With conduit and Maker Pipe you can custom make your own DIY furniture that fits your style and needs! See more info and photos here.


#11 - Custom Gaming Desk

DIY Gaming Desk Setup

Here is a fantastic pipe desk that is packed with features. If you look closely you can see there is a PC shelf down low, a pegboard tool organizer, and a built in light fixture. The whole build is on casters so it can be moved around! 


#12 - Geometric Table

DIY Geometric Table

This is infamously known as the Storm Trooper build for obvious reasons. The builder added an artistic touch to give this table a futuristic look with all the cool angles. He added white shrink wrap which pairs nicely with the black connectors. See more photos and info from the builderhere. 


#13 - Add On Shelving

DIY Add On Shelving

Matthew Compton is an avid member of our community and has built multiple great things with EMT Conduit. One of which is this shelving unity that surrounds a wood desk that he already had. Check out his community post for more photos and details.


#14 - LED Corner Floor Lamp

DIY LED Corner Floor Lamp

This really cool led corner floor lamp only needs one 90 Degree Connector and cost less than $40 to make. Check out the tutorial onYouTube.


#15 - DIY Dual Monitor Stand


DIY Monitor Stand

Here is another great build from community member Matthew Compton. This build includes one of my all time favorite building hacks. Matthew needed a dual monitor mount set up. He used a couple of bolts and washers along with a standard TV mount to make this custom stand for his desk!


#16 - Live Edge Coffee Table

DIY Live Edge Cofee Table

If you have a cool piece of wood like the one used in this build, you can turn it into a cool custom coffee table. Attach your top to the simple pipe frame using one hole straps and accent your home!


#17 - Step Stool

DIY Step Stool

This step stool is super easy to assemble and can be used in various ways! Learn how you can make it in this video.


#18 - Bar Stools

DIY Bar Stools

 Sometimes it can be hard to find stools or chairs that fit your space exactly. You can make some pretty easily and customize them to your exact size and style needs using EMT Conduit and Maker Pipe just like this builder.


#19 - DIY Raised Garden Trellis

DIY EMT Conduit Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are among the most popular projects for do it yourself gardeners, and trellises aren't far behind. With just a few materials you can get your backyard garden up and growing. Check out thefull postfor more photos.


#20 - Potting Station

DIY Potting Station

This easy potting station holds various plants and has a built in sink for transferring the plants to the soil. You can customize the height and width to fit your specific needs and make home gardening even easier.


#21 - DIY Garden Enclosure

DIY Garden Enclosure

Here we have a great example of a raised garden bed enclosure. The frame was connected to a stone structure and wrapped with chicken wire. One of the coolest features is the barn style doors used to open and get in the garden.


#22 - Garden Sunshade

DIY Garden Sunshade

Another great build you can do in the garden is a sunshade! This builder used some neat tricks and secure a conduit frame to their raised garden bed then added some shade cloth to finish off the project.


#23 - Compost Bin

DIY Compost Bin

 Build this easy compost bin to speed up your organic material recycling! You can build it to your exact space and needs by customizing the pipe lengths. 


#24 - Outdoor Shower

DIY Outdoor Shower

Maybe you have been working hard in the garden or spent the day at the beach and you want to avoid tracking dirt or sand inside. You can build an easy outdoor shower that lets you take a garden hose and utilize it in a whole new way!


#25 - Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder

 This simple bird feeder stand uses conduit and a single 5 way connector to allow the homeowner to mount a bird feeder and stray bird feed collector to it! This is a really easy build to pull off and can be staked in the ground or mounted to a deck like this builder did.


#26 - Mobile Planter Box

DIY Planter Box Cart

This planter box is a GlowPear planter box and it gets pretty heavy because it houses plants and stores water. Randy, a member of our community, built this cart that allows him to move it around easily. 


#27 - Entry Way Shelf

DIY Entry Way Shelf

This entry way needed a custom sized shelf to fit correctly and the owners couldn’t find a prebuilt solution so they built their own. Using 90 Degree Connectors they were able to make the 4 corners all the way up and add three shelves spaced out to their exact needs!


#28 - Garage Bin Storage

DIY Bin Storage

Here is a great bin storage example that uses all T Connectors to make customizable shelf heights for boxes and bins. The shelves rest on a cross pipe design that adds extra rigidity. 


#29 - Patio Canopy

DIY Patio Canopy

Here is another great build from Randy. He made this slanted canopy that sits on the patio of his house. We did an interview with Randy and he gave some great insight on his experience. You can watch that interview here.


#30 - Camping Canopy

DIY Rooftop Canopy

Roof top tent camping is getting more and more popular. This builder and his family spend the weekends adventuring in their Honda Element. Their most recent camping upgrade is a canopy that allows them to cook and eat underneath. You can see more photos and details here.



#31 - Home Brewing Cart

DIY Home Brewing Cart

Another great  hobby/passion build is this at home brewing cart. It has a propane connection to heat up the pots, and a pump that runs the home brew between the pots. 


#32 - Kayak Cart

DIy Kayak Cart

If you have kayaks you know the struggle. They are heavy and awkward which makes them rather annoying to move around. With this simple cart you can strap the kayak to the top and roll it to the launch site. One tip is to add pool noodles or plumbers insulation to the conduit to protect the bottom of the yak.


#33 - Camera Slider

DIY Overhead Camera Slider

Jonnybuilds built this fantastic camera slider that he uses to get top down shots for his social media posts and YouTube Videos. Check out the video and see the slider in actionhere


#34 - Holiday Decor Display

DIY Halloween Decor

This display was built by a community member who puts up decor every year. They usually use PVC to hold the decorations, but this year they found Maker Pipe and added a more rigid frame to hold up the decorations and lights on their roof!



I hope you found these builds inspiring and helpful for your own projects! These are just a few of the creative builds from our DIY community. If you want to see more you can download an ebook that has over 250 awesome builds in it or watch our YouTube series where we share community builds every week! If you need any help with a project feel free to reach out, we're happy to help. Thanks for reading and happy building!