July 27, 2020 5 min read

Good Monday makers! I am Dave, and I am going to share this weeks featured builds. This is episode 6 of Maker Pipe Monday and we love Monday because it's the day we get to go over all the community builds that have been posted to Maker Pipe Connect and feature all the great things that you've done. If you want to see more builds and other tips and tricks be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Maker Pipe Monday Episode 6 Intro

On to the Builds!

The first one we've got is a great story where the customer posted the before sketch of their design and then after photos. We love to see that because that is a big part of the design process. One of our favorite things is helping people pull off their DIY build idea.

Dave explaining the trellis sketch and final build

Here is the garden trellis that they sketched out. It was going to be posted up against the fence and they only needed a few connectors to hold their plants.

DIY pipe trellis sketch

Here is the completed build. It’s really cool because they only used a couple connectors. Some 90’s ad T’s to hold it to the fence. Check out the pantyhose holding up the melons. They pulled it off great!

DIY pipe garden trellis

Next one we've got is from Prodigal Green, it is this huge greenhouse.

Dave showing the greenhouse intro

Check this out they did a timber frame which are the green posts here, and then this whole Maker Pipe structure for the roof. It came out fantastic.

Greenhouse made with pipe and conduit

They've got a lot of detailed photos here, like this good one where you can see they went up with the roof line. It's got to be over 10 ft and they're using the 180 degree connectors that kind of extend.

Greenhouse roof made out of pipe

They've got these trusses going across with the 45 connectors. They use the 90-degree connector for the peak on the roof. They did a couple cool things like using steel wire going down running to the timber frame to help support it which is a great idea. We'd like to see more of that and then also it looks like they bolted some of the connectors to the conduit. That is a good technique if you're going to see a lot of load especially pulling out of the connector, and there's a couple ways that we've found to do that.

Dave illustrating the bolt through technique

You can run all the way through with a bolt or you can drill through one side of the connector and then half of the conduit and run a self-tapping screw or something like that, but it really makes it solid. Great job Prodigal Green we love that they sent this in, because it is a awesome build.

Next is this great recumbent bike headrest and Ferrel posted this and said that it saved him a ton of money.

Recumbent bike headrest made out of Maker Pipe and conduit pipe

To buy an official headrest was $190 but he made it out of maker Pipe & conduit and saved a lot. This photo here where the headrest attaches to the recumbent bike and it looks comfy so thanks so much for sharing we appreciate it.

Next one is from Mike, and he took his solo skiff and added this grab rail or handrail to it.

Solo skiff hand rail

It looks like he's got this outfitted for fishing and he’s got his trolling motor. The front grab rail is made out of Maker Pipe that hooks into the boat and gives him a little bit of stability when he's standing or moving around.

Solo skiff outfitted with fishing gear

It is really cool and only took some 90 degree connectors and he used some T’s. He's got some black and white wrap on it and it came out fantastic so that's great. Thanks, we loved seeing it!

Next we have Tim’s raised garden bed, and he did a shade on top of the bed. This is something that we see a lot and it's a great use of Maker Pipe.

DIY pipe raised garden bed with a shade

You can see it looks like he took 90 degree connectors for the roof and then some 180’s & T's in the middle.

Raised garden bed with sun shade

He also used the four way connector to go all the way down and support it and then some shade cloth wrapped around it. It looks like the plants are doing fantastic, and we love to see that.

Next one is a wooden/pipe ladder by Jordan he made this for his girls playroom and loft. You can see here he used Maker Pipe in conjunction with a wood frame and it came out fantastic.

DIY wooden frame with a pipe ladder

He's got just a few T connectors here and some great bends. We always love to see that, and he also wrapped the conduit in black. It is neat how he attached it to the wood ladder by using blocks and then drilling in to the conduit. He used it to keep his daughter's safe when climbing up there by giving them something to hold on to. Thanks for sharing Jordan!

David made an ironing center for quilting that can roll around. He did a fantastic job using casters on the bottom. We sell a caster kit so you can add wheels to your build.

DIY rolling quilt work station

They just push up into the conduit. He also used a few connectors like the 90 degree connector for this shelf with a brace in the middle. The build also has T’s and it's really sturdy and great for ironing. It's really cool, thanks for sharing David.

Next one we have is Stephen’s boat cover. He's got a structure that keeps his boat out of the water.

 DIY pipe boat shade

I think it’s called a dry dock or boat shade, and what he did was make the sides of it out of cloth and Maker Pipe. You can see he built around the existing structure and then made the sides to keep the water spray off.

Boat shade using pipe fittings and cloth

It also keeps the sun off and looks awesome. You can see where it is linked to the existing structure. He’s had this out there for at least a year now and he says it's holding up good.

Interior DIy boat shade

He's happy with it, and this is one of our favorites. Looks like a great place to store a boat on a beautiful lake.

This one is from Donald and he’s down in New Mexico and needed a solution for keeping his veggies shaded.

DIY covered trellis with a covering/sunshade

He also has this trellis for the climbers like their beans and cucumbers. He used a lightweight row cover cloth and they're going to do 6 mil plastic at the end of the season.Here is the wire for the climbers and then it goes all the way down. The whole row looks to be about 30 feet or so.

DIY pipe trellis and wire climbers

Thanks for sharing, it turned out great.

Last but not least is Meg’s Maker Pipe structure to help reinforce her grape vines. It looks like there's a trellis in this corner and maybe one on each corner of this beautiful backyard deck.

DIY pipe vineyard frame

She made this Maker Pipe frame to support that and keep it strong. It looks beautiful, thanks for sharing!

That’s all the builds for this week. 10 builds up and 10 builds down, we love seeing them so keep them coming by posting in the community. Check out the YouTube link here for the video! Thanks and have a good day!