Maker Kit

The Maker Kit includes 48 T connectors which makes it an incredible value to the builder. The T connector is designed to fit inexpensive ¾ inch EMT conduit which is readily available at your local hardware store. With this amount of T connectors in your arsenal you can build almost anything. Use them to create anything from simple tables to elaborate storage solutions. Order the Maker Kit and pick up some conduit to get started on your DIY project!

Every connector we offer features a steel construction and a corrosion resistant black e-coating. This means your build has a sleek design that better protects your projects indoors and out. Combine these connector features with the strong and durable nature of galvanized steel conduit and you get an affordable yet sturdy building platform.

*Hardware and extra friction bands are included with each connector

Example Builds:  Bike Cart & Homebrew Station

T Connector Overview




The T connector consists of two mirrored pieces that interlock together with a puzzle piece design. The two pieces clamp together with one nut and bolt. The pocket feature locks the nut into place when tightening, this makes for an easy one tool assembly no matter which side the nut is on. Every connector comes with a pre applied friction band that makes connections even more secure.

T Connector Dimensions

Made in Ameria

T Connector as an elbow

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Customer Reviews

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quincy j. (AK)
It's alright

This stuff is pretty tedious to work with. I had to disassemble and reassemble my builds to get them square, when doing so things tend to fall apart and I would have to put them back together.
Quality control was decent. Nice paint coverage. I didn't notice slop in their manufacturing, and all the pieces fit together well.
They only sent me two spare allen bolts and nuts when I ordered dozens of connectors. I appreciate the two spares I got, but a few extras would be appreciated in case you strip or lose a nut or bolt.
They only shipped me half the first order I placed, but Maker Pipe did promptly fill my order when I brought it to their attention though.
I don't think I'll use Maker Pipe connectors again. Maybe, but I doubt it.

John K. (AZ)
Stock Up on Ts

The T connector is the most commonly used part. If you have a big project or plan future projects, stock up.

Matt (WA)
Easy to work with

I had a couple of projects in mind when I put in my order however we unexpectedly need to build a custom bed frame for my daughter and with Maker Pipe it was fun and easy.
Next up is a workbench and a sailboat mast holder.

WAFamilyman (WA)
Awesome and easy to use

I need to make a kayak stand for my kayaks on my trailer and I wanted to save weight and be waterproof. These fittings made the job super easy and I will definitely be using them for most of my small projects. Here's my build video if your interested.