Shrink Wrap

Give your custom Maker Pipe project a pop of color and personality with shrink wrap. Our shrink wraps are made with a UV Stable Formula, which protects your pipe project from sun and weather damage.  Pick the color that best matches your project.  The shrink wrap is easy to apply with a standard heat gun. If you are using connectors over a shrink wrapped portion of the pipe be sure to remove your friction bands from your connectors and save them for a build using raw pipe.  Works best with 3/4" EMT conduit.

*Sold in 10' lengths

Fits 1/2" and 3/4" EMT Conduit


Shrink Wrap Overview


  • Easy to apply with a standard heat gun
  • Adds a personal touch to your build
  • UV stable for a weather resistant finish

See Our Shrink Wrap in action

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
internal framing system for a Birdie's raised garden bed

I was a bit late with the summer garden this year. Had some new steel landcaping work and wanted to reconfigure the raised garden bed before building a makerpipe framing system within. It's working really well and I might extend it as needs arise. I plan to finish those two circular pieces with blue wrap as well. Enjoy the summer.

Gary C. (PA)
Worked out great

Made a couple of cabinet door drying racks for my shop and decided to use the shrink wrap for the conduit arms. After a little bit of trial and error with a heat gun (I had a lot to do and it was too slow for me), I decided to bring a large pot of water to a boil and submerge the conduit and shrink wrap. Worked like a charm and I was able to batch them out quickly.

p (NJ)
Great Final Product look, Solid Alternative Solution to painting.

I did not have the time or budget to take my custom bracket solution to a car shop for painting and while researching a solution that would work for holding threaded rod inside the pipe I discovered the maker pipe website. I have to say this is a great website too with some great ideas on how to use EMT pipe. It was on this site that I discovered the shrink tubing. I have to say I was not sure that this would work but when I use it on my EMT pipe it looked pretty good. The only down side is that I had some curved pipe and when shrinking that area I ended up with some overlap which created a vein like look on the surface. This was not terrible and with a little practice I got better at getting it to be less noticeable. I'm sure there are likely other this I could try to lessen the overlap but I did not really have the time trial and error a solution for that issue. On straight pipe it looks great, I may even try to double layer on the straight portion next time for an even smoother look. In summary I highly recommend this option as a solid alternative to painting EMT pipe.

Gunnar S. (VT)
Great Product

Works great, better option than painting.